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Small office space? No problems, we have the solution for you!

Small office space? No problems, we have the solution for you!

Nowadays, more and more people have been working from home. People have to adapt a room, or some sort of space where they live and convert it into a working space. The problem is, they never expected they would have to do it, so they do not have a designated space to do so.

When you are working six to eight hours a day, you have to have a proper workstation, it must be comfortable and provide the worker with some privacy for video conference, phone calls or even quiet thinking. The home office must be neat, tidy and organised, but some people only have limited space to convert into an office, maybe a small desk that cannot hold a computer desktop, a monitor, paperwork, and stationary. Do not worry, if that is your case, TecnoTools has the solution for you.

We supply a set of ergonomic products to optimize your workspace. Allowing it to be comfortable enough for a whole day of work, keeping the workstation nice and tidy. Afterall, you do not want to have your productivity affected by not having a proper working environment.


Wall Mount for Monitors

You have a monitor, as just the one in the laptop does not do it for you, perhaps you have two monitors, but the desk space is not enough for them. Then you need a monitor arms wall mount.

Mounting your monitor on the wall is a great way to save valuable space. TecnoTools offers high quality monitor wall mounts with gas-spring to allow an easy movement of the arm for a comfortable change of positions. It is so easy to find the perfect viewing position, as the arm has a flexible tilt, pivot and swivel function.

Our wall mounts have integrated cable management, so you do not get to see messy cables around the monitor, neither are they on your way. Besides, all monitor mounts supplied by TecnoTools are VESA compatible, so you can make sure your monitor will fit. If you are not familiar with the VESA standard, click on the link what is vesa to know more.

TecnoTools supplies high quality single and dual monitor arms wall mount. They are sturdy and very easy to install. We have great content about wall mounted TV height calculator. It is not a monitor, I know, but you can still learn valuable lessons on how high to install your monitor wall mount from it.

CPU Holder

With the idea of saving space in mind, another great gear that you can have if you use a desktop computer (CPU) is a CPU holder. The PC’s CPU is heavy, large, and bulky; besides lots of cables are connected to it, which adds up the space you need to keep the CPU either on the top of, or under the desk (sitting on the floor). If you keep the CPU on the floor, it also takes space you should use to keep your legs. 

CPU holder is a bracket that keeps the CPU neat and tidy under the top of the table. So it does not take space on the floor, nor on the desk. Besides, good CPU holders are flexible enough, so you do not need to crawl under the desk to access the cables in the back through the CPU ports and drives.

You do not realise how good a CPU holder is until you have one. It is an underrated ergonomic furniture that has been gaining visibility rapidly due to its benefits, easy installation and low cost.

Monitor Riser

A monitor arm mounted on the wall is my preferred method to save space and set up a small office. However, it is not always possible to mount the monitor on the wall. For these situations you can use a monitor riser. It is a very simple piece of furniture to hold the monitor. It is supposed to be placed on the top of the table. The advantage of the monitor riser is to lift the monitor a few centimeters off the table, so you have space under the monitor to use to store paperwork, books, catalogues and other small items. 

Lifting the monitor off the table set it up in such a way that you do not need to look down to see the screen, so it is an ergonomic product that will make working from your office more comfortable.

Laptop Holder

A laptop holder, or stand is another very simple device that makes a real difference in the office. No, it does not save space, but it is still worth mentioning it due to its benefit in the long-term. This device improves typing ergonomics by bringing the laptop to the eye level. It does not seem a big deal, but after working for 8 hours a day in front of the laptop you can feel a huge difference by using this device.

The idea behind it is to avoid your neck to be in the forward bending position. The weight of your head that is held by your neck over a long period of time, every day, will certainly cause neck pain. It can be avoided by using a laptop holder.

If you want to know more about the benefits of this product, there is a great article Benefits of Laptop Stands You Must Know that you should read. 


Sit Stand Desk 

Following the same idea of “ergonomics come first”, a sit-stand desk is a great product that everyone working for long hours in front of a computer must have. It comes in different shapes, sizes, with different features and, obviously, can be found in the market with very different prices. They can be “home made” or very expensive with lots of technology. There are sit-stand desks for all budgets. 

Space wise, a sit-stand desk converter is a better offer, as good ones will have two levels, one for the monitor, and another one for the keyboard or laptop. Yes, the converter takes a lot of space on your desk, but you will have all the heavy gear you need on it, so the space you have left can be used.

Sit-stand desks are a whole new topic with lots of information to take into consideration before making a decision to buy one. We recommend reading a few articles with more in depth information, such as “Are Sit Stand Desks Worth It?” It does not take long to find the many sit-stand desk benefits

TecnoTools is a supplier of ergonomics products including sit-stand desks in Australia. When out in the market for one, you will find a great difference in price. Do not be fooled by high prices for high quality products. Sit-stand desk does not need to be expensive. We offer reliable sit-stand desks at very reasonable prices. For peace of mind we offer a 12-month warranty, so you know you are buying a very quality product. 


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