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Analogue Telephone Adaptors (ATA)

VoIP telephone systems have many advantages compared to traditional analogue systems. Now it is more accessible than ever before. However, transitioning to the digital system can be time consuming and expensive for households and small businesses. After all, it might not be practical, or financially viable, to throw all the existing telephone equipment away and purchase the gear necessary to make VoIP possible. Analogue Telephone Adaptors (ATA) allow ordinary analogue phones, faxes or pages to be connected to VoIP systems. It is a good way to minimize the cost and disruption the phone system upgrade may cause.

TecnoTools offers Grandstream and Cisco analogue telephone adaptors. They are two worldwide recognized brands that provide great features in there adaptors, such as multiple phone ports, so you can connect more than one analogue phone to the VoIP server, phone conferencing, call transfer, call forward, call-waiting, do not disturb, message waiting indication, multi language prompts, flexible dial plan and more.

It is not only about great features and quality products. TecnoTools is also about service. We keep stock in all major capitals in Australia, it means we can offer to our customers very fast delivery country wide. All products sold by TecnoTools come with 12-month warranty for an extra peace of mind. If in doubt, find out by contacting our responsive customer service by calling, emailing or chatting with us online. We are here to help.

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