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Garden Auger for Drill

Do you have a drill? Great! That is what you need to stop digging holes in your yard manually. TecnoTools has garden auger for drill; to turn your ordinary drill into a hole maker machine. With sizes ranging from 300mm to 600mm depth, you will be covered whatever your needs are: planting bulbs, make potting mix, removing clogs, tilling garden beds, digging irrigation trenches and much more.

If you are asking yourself: is auger a good investment? An auger digger not only makes very easy to dig holes, but they allow healthier plants to grow by creating perfect conditions. By digging the soil with a garden auger, you pulverize it; so, roots can settle faster giving more chance for the plant to grow. The soil absorbs more moisture and nutrients if it is loosened.

We offer auger for sale in Australia with 12-month warranty and fast shipping country wide. Are you in doubt? Do not hesitate to contact our responsive customer service team by emailing or calling us. We are here to help!

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