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Deep Cycle Battery

What is deep cycle battery? The term "deep cycle" means the battery was designed to be fully used (discharged) until it is completely flat. A new cycle with begin when the battery is fully charged again and ready to be used. For the user, this type of battery provides a constant current over a relatively long period of time. TecnoTools offers Deep Cycle AGM  Batteries, which do not need to be watered at all. They are completely maintenance free!

If you are into camping, caravans, boats and other outdoor activities, you probably need a deep cycle AGM battery , as the main benefit of this battery is the capacity to work for long hours without being re-charged constantly. A deep cycle battery for camping can also be used for caravan or boat. It is a versatile product for outdoor enthusiastic.

TecnoTools offers 12-month warranty and very fast delivery Australia wide. We also have deep cycle battery boxes available.   
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