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Dual Monitor Stands

Dual monitor desktop stands are a great option if you cannot have a mounted arm on your desk, or wall. It gives you the flexibility of moving the monitor without compromising ergonomics. You can have up to two monitors positioned where you want without damaging the desk. This is ideal when the desktop is either too thin or too thick for a mounted arm. This product is also a very good option as a gaming monitor stand. as it allows two monitor to stand side by side, enlarging the view angle. Just perfect for gaming!

Dual monitor stands are also a good option if you are using a sit-stand desk, or a converter. As you can simply place the stand on the top of the desk, or converter, so it goes up and down along with the keyboard and mouse.

Last but not least, it is a great economical option comparing to a clamp mount, or wall mount. A dual monitor desktop mount cost is significant less expensive. 

TecnoTools is a great option to buy dual monitor desk stand in Australia! We offer fast shipping, 12-month warranty and very competitive prices in our comprehensive range of dual monitor stands.

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