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Electric Winch & Hoist

When it comes to electrical winches and hoists there are many options in the Australian market today. This product comes in a great variety of brands, capacity, price and most importantly, quality. It is important that you select the winch to suit your needs. If you underestimate the winch you can end up with a product not capable of lifting what you need, but at the same time, if you overestimate the buy a winch too big for your needs, you will pay more than you should.

At TecnoTools - an electric hoist supplier - we have winches and hoists that go from 125kg up to 1,000kg in capacity, including electric hoist with remote control. Better than that, all our electrical winches can be used as single or double rope, which means you can set up the winch based on the load to be lifted. 

Designed to be installed in garages and warehouses, all our electrical hoist comes as a kit, including hoist, nuts, washer and bracket. It means when you buy from TecnoTools you get everything you need. All you need is installing the hoist in the right place.

Quality is important, a few features common on all our electrical winches and hoist  are: high sensitivity steel lever arm, robust and anti-heat tensile cable, overload protection function and CE/GS/RoHS/EMC approvals. To add some peace of mind, all our electrical winches come with 12-month Australia wide warranty.

Confused about the names winch and hoist? These are commonly used to described the same product, but that is not correct, as winch and hoist are different products with different purposes. We found this quick to read article describing the difference. Check it out! Winch vs Hoist: What's the Difference?

Now that we have talked about quality, let us mention our services. TecnoTools keeps stock in all major capital cities, it means you will receive your order in a few days regardless of where you are. If you have any question, or need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our responsive customer services by phone, e-mail, or online chat here on our website.

We do not only offer Electric Winches. We also have hand winches and electrical winches for 4x4 and boats.

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