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UTE Tool Box & UTE Under Tray Tool Boxes

If you need to transport a large number of tools and equipment in your UTE, you know that if you leave them without being organised, they will mix up, get damaged or even get lost in a short period of time; and if you are a tradie your tools mean a lot to you. You need them to perform your job. If that is your case, you need to find way to transport your tool properly in your UTE. You need a canopy tool box, or a under tray tool box

There are quite a few suppliers out there offering custom made UTE tool boxes, usually they are great product, but it takes too long to get them made. Besides, they are very expensive.  TecnoTools supplies universal canopy tool boxes and UTE under tray tool boxes that are ready to be installed and cost a fraction of a custom-made product.

Our UTE tool boxes are designed and built for Australian weather conditions, so you know they are tough. Made of heavy-duty aluminium, and high-quality rubber sealing and fully welded seams; your gear will be kept clean and dry from the weather conditions no matter if dry or wet. Other important features are stainless steel piano hinges, gas lift lid support for an easy and smooth opening & closing and heavy-duty T-handle locks.
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For an extra peace of mind TecnoTools offers 12-month warranty and, even though this product is bulky, fast shipping Australia wide.
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