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Augers & Hole Diggers

If you need to carry out jobs such as: fencing, setting up poles, gardening and etc, you know the most time and effort consuming in the job is to dig the wholes. If you have many holes to be dug, you can expect a labour intense job. Luckly, you do not have to dig manual holes anymore. Petrol hole digger make the job so much easier. 

A hole digger does not only help to avoid the hard manual work, it also delivers a precise hole. Select the auger size you like and dig effortless holes and know exactly how deep and wide they will be. Australia soil is tough and hard. You need a machine that is up to the conditions.

TecnoTools offers petrol hole digger up to 92cc, 3kW, 2-stroke petrol engine up to 9000rpm. So, you know it will get the job done. Other important features are: vertical gearbox, reinforced augers and extensions to connect securely to break hard ground, smooth start with consistent digging power and rubber hand grips.

We do not hire equipment, so if you just want machinery for a one-off job, and do not want to buy one, there are companies in that market that offer post hole digger hire. Just compare the hire cost first, as depending on the machine you get, 2 days hire might be worth more than buying a new hole digger from us.

TecnoTools offer 12-month warranty and fast shipping Australia wide. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our responsive customer service team by email, phone or online chatting. We are here to help.
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