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About us

TecnoTools is a young Australian company founded in 2019. Our goal is to supply products that are not normally easy to find in the market today. We call our scope of supply technology and specialized tools, thus the name of our company, TecnoTools.

Why buy from TecnoTools?

  • Affordable prices on high quality products;
  • Competitive shipping fees, even for bulky items;
  • Free returns in case the product arrives damaged or it's faulty;
  • Your privacy is guaranteed. We will NEVER share your personal details with anyone else;
  • 12-month warranty
  • Fast shipping Australia wide
  • All prices include GST;

We offer our customers a broad range of products, and we are constantly growing and bringing more and more relevant products to our portfolio. Everything started off with commercial storage solutions products, such as wall mounted storage bins, tool trolley, and ergonomics office furniture such as monitor wall mounts and dual monitor desktop stands. The fact that we offered high quality products at competitive prices and our items were relevant to the Australian market, provided us with a very positive start. 

Shortly after that, a good number of repeated customers were coming back and asking for products that we did not even have in our scope of supply. Therefore, we soon realised there was potential to grow the business. As always, quality products, competitive prices and excellent customer service is our priority. For us, these three points are extremely important for a steady business growth. Afterall we are not here for rapid unsustainable growth. Our goal is to grow constantly and keep our customer’s trust in our business.

So we increased our portfolio, adding products such as Giantz pumps, and diesel transfer pumps. On the technology side, we started working with commercial network equipment, VoIP wifi phones and many others. You see, if you need to buy a water pump today, you go to a pump store, or if you want to buy a IP phone, you reach out to a network store. These are great, but these stores are designed to deal with large commercial customers, not the small businesses or professional individuals. Besides, their prices are extremely overrated. TecnoTools is here for the small corporations and professional people who want straight-forward options at prices they can pay.

At TecnoTools, it is not only about high quality goods and competitive prices. It is also about information. Our blog session is a work in progress, but our goal is to make as much information about our products available as we can. So our customers can educate themselves about the product before purchasing it. Besides, our product listing descriptions are as detailed as it can be, so when you are visiting our website, you have enough information to make a decision whether  the product is the correct one for you or not. As an example, our blog TV wall mount with installation has been visited hundreds of times. It is a good indication the content is relevant and useful to the community. Regardless, the visitor purchases from us or not.

Last, but definitely not least, TecnoTools is about people; by that we mean customer services. Our customers have currently three ways to contact us: email, online chatting and through our 1300 number. Our customer service personnel are located in Australia, not overseas. They speak English! Our goal is “no customer shall be left unhappy”, so we do the best we can to accommodate our customer’s needs. Now, we are just humans and not perfect. Besides, we heavily rely on third party services, such as freight companies, manufacturers and suppliers. TecnoTools takes responsibility for all services provided by third parties on our behalf, so in the unlikely case you have a problem with delayed parcel or faulty product, we will step in to resolve the problem, but our customers need to be mindful we rely on these third parties services providers to achieve a positive outcome, so it might take up to one week.     

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