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How to optimize your workspace?

How to optimize your workspace?

An unorganized workspace can impact in the efficiency. There is nothing worse than arriving at work and see countless papers spread out on the desk, stationaries out of order, business cards shuffled all over the place, plus cookies crumble from the day before between the key on your keyboard. It is simply very hard to keep motivated to do your work under these conditions. Yes, office workers are ultimately responsible for keeping their workspace nice and tidy; however, it is important they have the right tools to do so. After all, everybody is very busy, and organizing can be time consuming.   

The good news is, most of the necessary items to keep the workspace organized are inexpensive and very easy to set up, so there is no excuse to not have the ideal conditions in the office workspace. The key is to optimize the space. With the rising real estate cost, companies tend to reduce the individual working areas. If the person is working from home, he or she might not have a designated space to work. All these reasons make organization in the workspace essential for a productive environment.


Use every space available

Organizing your workstation is not only put papers, stationary, and business card in order on the table, or drawers. First of all, the space must be optimized. You must use, not only, the space on the desk, but also over and under the desktop. Here are a few items that can make the organization of your workstation easier.

Under Desk Drawer – It is a very simple and straight forward item. Most of the desks in the marketing come with a set of two drawers anyway. However, if two drawers are not enough, and there is no space to have a stand set of drawers, under-desk drawers are ideal. Brateck Under Desk Drawer has a little gap between the desktop and the drawer that can be used as a shelf, so there is a little extra space to store small items. This item is supposed to be bolted up under the desktop, so it does not take leg space, so the person can still move around freely.

CPU Holder – While most office workers use notebooks these days, still a significant number of people use a personal computer (PC), therefore they will have a bulky and heavy CPU either under their desks, and over the floor, or sitting on the desktop taking precious space. CPU holders are supposed to be bolted up under the desktop, so it also saves leg space. Good quality ones are flexible and allow you to swivel and move the CPU across, making it easy to plug and unplug cable in the front and back of the CPU, access USB and ethernet ports as well as CD driver. So, no more bending over under the desk to access the CPU.

Laptop Riser Stand – This is an interesting item. When the user is working on his or her workstation, this product can be used as laptop riser, which makes more comfortable to type, due to the position of the keyboard. However, they not in use, this product can be converted into a laptop stand, so it is possible to keep the laptop in the vertical position. If you want to know more about this product, click on the link: Brateck aluminium laptop riser.

Monitor Arms – Out of all options in the market to keep a workstation organized, monitors arms are by far the most important one. Even though it does not have any storage space, it is simply the best piece of equipment you can get for the office if you want to keep the environment nice and tidy, because of the fact it allows the monitor to be attached to a mechanical arm, removing it from the desktop. So, it eliminates the heaviest and largest item from the top of the table. Besides, you can place the monitor in a ergonomic position, improving your posture while sitting down in front of the computer.

Often referred to as VESA monitor arm, so it is ideal to understand what VESA is so you do not get caught up when seeing this term. VESA being the drilling pattern to attach the monitor to the arm. For a better understanding of what VESA is, we suggest reading the article: what is VESA.

Monitor arms come in many shapes and forms, they can hold one, two, three or even four monitors at the same time. They can stand on the desktop, or they can be clamped on the edge of the tabletop, which saves even more space. Depending on the arrangement in your workspace, you can use monitor arms wall mount, it means you do not even need to have the arm attached to your table, just mount it on the wall and save more space!

TecnoTools offers a comprehensive range of monitor arms, goods examples are: Brateck single monitor stand, it is one of the simplest monitor arms available, very cost effective and it does the job very well, if all the user wants is to save space on his or her desktop. Dual monitor desktop stand can hold two monitors at the same time, and the arm needs to stand on the tabletop. You can find more examples of monitor arms at

Final Thoughts

I hope this article could give you an idea of how easy it is to keep the workplace organized. Keeping the workstation nice and tidy, not only looks good, but it also improves the motivation to work and increase productivity. It is win-win situation to employees, and businesses. If you would like to know more about the impact of a messy work environment, I suggest reading the article: Why a cluttered desk kills your productivity.

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