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Brateck Aluminium Laptop Riser Stand for 10”-15.6” Notebook


'Closed-clamshell mode', did you know your MacBook has such function? If not, you can try our vertical stand AR-6, it allows you to run a full desktop setup with your MacBook in closed-clamshell mode. Other than that, this all-aluminum sturdy stand also can be used as a laptop riser. The elevated surface offers you an ergonomic reading angle that helps reduce your eye and neck fatigue. There are silicone bumpers that use friction to hold the laptop in place, non-skid silicone pads protect work surface from scratches. In summary, making an investment in a laptop riser can help you function in great convenience, whether you are in your home or in the workplace.

Product Category: Laptop Riser
Rank: Premium
Material : Silicone Pad,Aluminum
Surface Finish: Sand-blasted Aluminum Anodic Oxidation
Color: Sliver
Dimensions: 233x206x73mm (9.2'x8.1'x2.9')
Applicable Devices: Laptop
Fit Screen Size : 12' MacBook,11'/13' MacBook Air,13'/15' MacBook Pro(Late 2016)
Weight Capacity(per layer): 5kg (11lbs)
Instruction Manual Included: No

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