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Why Should You Use an Aftermarket TV Stand If Your TV Already Comes With One?

Why Should You Use an Aftermarket TV Stand If Your TV Already Comes With One?

When you buy a brand new TV, it is likely that a TV stand is already included. Right? So, why bother looking for and buying an aftermarket TV stand for your television? Isn’t it all the same? The answer is no! And in this article I will explain why you should consider an aftermarket TV floor stand

Viewing Options

Of all the reasons you should get an aftermarket television stand, the different options viewing angle is the main one. Sitting 2 hours watching a movie in front of your TV in the wrong position is not only annoying, it is detrimental to your health. If you keep watching TV in the wrong way, the chances are you will watch TV less and less, within time, the high investment you made to purchase a high definition TV will be wasted just because you do not want to watch it anymore. 

Standard TV stands rarely have any adjustment capability. It means you cannot change the viewing angle.  

Choosing the correct position for your new TV is a whole different subject; as I  do not want to make this article very long, I suggest you read the article TV mount height

No TV Units Needed

If you choose a floor TV stand with a mount, it will be everything you need. There are quite a few TV stands in the Australia market today that will hold the TV, no matter how heavy and large it is due to VESA mounting standard, and it will  also come with shelves to store audio and video equipment such as video consoles, stereos, home theater, webcams and others.

If you choose to use the standard stand that comes with the TV, you just cannot lay it on the floor, as these stands are very short, you have to use a table, or in most cases a TV unit. These are extremely expensive compared to a TV stand floor, and are not ergonomic at all, being impossible to find a comfortable viewing angle.  

Cable Management

Good floor TV stands are not only made to hold the TV. They are designed to keep your room nice and tidy. By using TV, video gaming console, blu-ray players and other AV equipment, you will have lots of cables and cables being connected to the back of your TV. You do not want to see these cables, but they still need to be accessible in case you need to disconnect them.

TV stands come with cable management compartiments. They allow you to run all the cables through hiding them from easy viewing. 

Casters with Locking Mechanism

Picture yourself trying to move a large TV attached to a short standard stand on the top of the TV unit. That would be hard and dangerous to achieve. Right? Well, if you are using a 

TV stand floor with caster wheels this task is a piece of cake. However, having wheels under a large TV might not be safe, that is why decent brands offer locking mechanisms on the wheels, so when you do not need to move the stand it is safely locked in place.

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