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Where Can You Mount The TV if Not on The Wall?

Where Can You Mount The TV if Not on The Wall?

Mounting the TV on the wall has become very popular. Having the TV on the wall makes the room look nice and tidy, creates more space, and hides all the cable in the wall. However, mounting the TV on the wall is not an easy task, and it can be quite expensive if you cannot do it yourself. There is an alternative if you do not wish to install the TV on the wall and still want to mount it, floor TV stand with mount

A TV stand that has a mountable surface can be very handy and replace the traditional wall mount. You can have the benefits of a suspended TV, but avoid all the hassle of the installation. Besides, good stands come with important features to make the product even more appealing. 

Why Using a Mountable TV Stand

By using a TV  stand floor with a mounting plate, you have the advantages of mounting the TV and also the advantages of using a stand. A mountable stand means it comes with a pre-drilled plate that is ready to be mounted on. You do not need to drill holes on the wall, all you have to do is to bolt the TV on the plate.

You also have the mobility of the TV stand, as you can move the TV as you please. This is a particularly good option to businesses that use video conferences, as the TV can be moved to suit the number or participants.   

Mountable Monitor Stands

A mount does not need to be exclusively used with TVs. It is possible to mount a computer screen as well. Most of the mounts in the Australia market today are VESA compatible, which is the same standard that TV and monitor screen brands comply with.

The stands can be single, double, triple or quadruple! If four screens are not enough, you can combine multiple stands together, so there is no limit of how many screens you can mount. However, the most popular mountable stands are single; but dual monitor stands are not far behind. 

More Than Stands

It does not need to be a stand. If you are using a computer monitor and want to mount it, you can do it on a monitor arm. These monitor arms are clamped onto the table top. No need to drill holes on the table. It makes the installation extremely easy.

A great advantage of monitor arms is the flexibility. The monitor can be moved around easily. It is a good feature to have if you need to share the content of your screen with other people, and have to move it in a way to make it more comfortable to do so.

Final Words

TecnoTools has a great range of TV stand floor, monitor arms and stands. Most of our products are compatible with VESA standard, but we also have mounts compatible with Apple monitors.

We offer fast shipping Australia wide. All our products come with a 12-month warranty. If in doubt, do not hesitate to reach out to our responsive customer service.

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