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Which VESA standard do I have?

Which VESA standard do I have?

Almost all manufacturers of monitors / televisions (such as Acer, Asus, Benq, Dell, Eizo, Grundig, HP, LG, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Telefunken, Toshiba) provide on the back of the screens corresponding threaded holes for the attachment to a mount systems. The horizontal and vertical pitch of the threaded holes results in the VESA standard. If there is no VESA recording on the back of the TV sets (for example, on a Metz and Loewe model), VESA adapters are used. Below we will give you the answer on how to find out which VESA standard you have.


Your VESA standard can be determined in two ways:

    1. Look at the back of your monitor for threaded holes. The VESA mounting is in the middle of the backside. Mostly the base column of the screen fixed at the VESA mounting. Measure the horizontal and vertical distance of the screw holes (center to center).

      If the distance between the VESA holes is 400 millimeters wide and the height is 200 millimeters, as in the picture on the TV, this corresponds to a VESA measurement of 400 x 200 millimeters (VESA norm = horizontal distance in mm x vertical distance in mm). The 400x200 comply with the VESA MIS-F standard.

  1. If you have the data sheet of your monitor, you will find the VESA information there. Alternatively, you can enter the model number of your TV on the manufacturer website of your screen manufacturer and find there the information you need for the VESA recording.

Common / known VESA standards are:

Most of the monitors are divided into three VESA standards: VESA MIS-D, VESA MIS-E and VESA MIS-F. TVs and monitors up to 14 kg usually have the VESA-MIS-D port, which has a square hole pattern of 75x75 or 100x100 mm. VESA MIS-E compliant monitors are equipped with a rectangular hole pattern of 200x100 mm and carry up to 23 kg. Large televisions usually have the VESA MIS-F standard, which has a hole pattern of 200mm pitch (e.g., 400x200, 600x400mm). However, deviations like 300x300 mm are not uncommon.

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