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What is VESA Pattern and Where It Is Used

What is VESA Pattern and Where It Is Used

You might have heard of the VESA pattern or standard when talking about a TV or monitor, but you might not be really sure about what this is. On the back of your TV or monitor there will be four holes. Those holes are not random, they follow a pattern/standard called VESA. The distance between the holes indicate the VESA standard the TV or monitor has.

Why is it important? Well, most TV mounts and brackets have the same pattern, so the idea of VESA standard is to have an international system where most, if not all, TV and mounts are compatible. That being said, it is not “one size fits all”, as the distance between the holes will depend upon the size of the TV. This link explains in detail what VESA is, and how you find the VESA standard of your TV. 

VESA standard is used in any bracket designed to hold a TV or monitor. A few examples below:

Monitor Arm - Regardless if it is a stand arm, or a clamped onto the table desk. VESA standard changed the way office workers place their monitors forever. Now, they can be positioned anywhere to optimize the ergonomics and improve the general health of those who need to stare at the screen many hours a day every day. 


Wall Mount - Monitor wall mounts and VESA standard cannot exist without each other. Regardless if it is a TV or Computer monitor, the ability to purchase a mount knowing it is compatible with the TV has made wall mounting products very accessible and easy to choose.


TV Stand Floor  - This product is often used in offices and corporations in their meeting and conference rooms; but there are also models for residential users. The idea is that you do not need to mount the TV on the wall, nor do you need a TV unit set, TV stand floor is usually slim and discreet. 

Ceiling Mount - The principal of mounting the TV on the ceiling is similar to wall mount. Ceiling mounts are usually not flexible in terms of viewing angles and adjustment. They are often used as an announcement monitor in commercial venues. 

Gaming Monitor Stand - The beauty of VESA standard is that it can be applied at any situation where you need to mount or attach a TV or monitor anywhere. Including for game purposes. Simulators and gaming stands can also use the benefits of VESA.

NUC or CPU Holder - CPUs or NUCs are the hardware of the computer. If you are not using a laptop you are probably using a NUC or CPU. You do not need to let it on the floor, or even on your desk. Often the CPU is a bulky item. A CPU holder, holds the CPU under the desk, letting the work environment neat and tidy. Some CUP holders use VESA pattern holes to attach the CPU or NUC under the desk or behind the monitor. 

Adaptor Plates - As written before, VESA hole pattern is not “one size fits all”. Depending upon the size of your monitor there will be different patterns. However, if your TV VESA is not the same as the mount you wish to use, you can use an adapter plate.

If you would like to know more about VESA standard, do not hesitate to contact TecnoTools customer service team. We are available by email, phone, or online chatting. 

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