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What is a pull down projector screen?

Pull down projector screen (also called retractable projector screen) is a flexible product and ideal for versatile setups. Having the projector screen pulled down and the room is a TV/video room. If the screen is fully retracted, it is completely out of sight, and the room can be used for other purposes.   

Let’s have a look at more benefits of using a pull down projector screen, the different types available in the Australian market today and the average cost of the product.

Motorized and Manual Operation

The motorized version of the pull down projector screen makes the operation of the screen a lot easier. Good model will memorize optimal positions set by the user previously, so you do not need to try to find the best viewing angle every time  you want to use the screen. 

Basic motorized pull down screens will come with a remote control, but more sophisticated screens will come with an APP, so you operate using your tablet or phone.

Performance wise, both manual and motorized pull down screen will be the same. Obviously, the motorized version will be more expensive.


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Important Features

When using a pull down projector screen, there are a few features that are important, so the user can have a positive experience using the product. Here they are:

  • Heavy Duty Steel Case - Inside the case you will find a roller and spring that will make pulling down the screen possible. Do not go cheap and try to save in the steel case. The screen is expected to be pulled and retracted often and you want it to last. So it is important that you invest in quality material. This is particularly relevant if you are using a manual operated pull down projector screen.
  • 4-Side Black Masking Borders - This will improve the contrast of the image on the screen.
  • Black-Backed Screen - This limits the light penetration and enhances the quality of the image, highlighting its colors. 
  • Ceiling and Wall Mount - Setting the screen in the right viewing angle makes the whole difference when watching a 2 hour movie. Having the ability to mount the screen on the ceiling or wall gives the user more possibilities to select the correct wall mounted TV height, having more options of viewing angles. 
  • Cleanable Screen - The screen should be easy to clean. Usually just a humid cloth is enough to remove any particles and dust that may impact on the quality of the image.

Green Screen Studio Background

It is not only about projector screens. If you are into creating video content, creating the right background makes the whole difference in your video quality. The way to achieve that is to use a green screen in the background, so you can edit the image as you like without any interference. TecnoTools offers green pull down green screens.

Projector Screen with Tripod

When you do not have a dedicated room for your projector, or you need to take the projector to different places, you just cannot have a ceiling or wall mounted projector screen. For applications like this, you need a pull down projector screen with a tripod.

The performance of the screen will be the same. However, portable screens to be used with a tripod tend to be limited in sizes, normally they are not larger than 100”. So if you need a screen larger than that, a tripod might not be the best option for you.

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