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Projector to Screen Distance. What Is The Right One?

Projector to Screen Distance. What Is The Right One?

So you have decided to install a projector in your TV room. Now comes the part where you need to research and plan what type of projector is the right one for you, how big the screen should be and what is the correct projector to screen distance. 

Let’s have a look at what the industry guidelines are, and how you should set up your new projector and the screen.

What is the best projector screen

First of all, it is important to know that now all projector screens are the same. Different applications will benefit from different screen sizes. So before buying a projector screen, ask yourself what you and other viewers will be watching. 

The main different uses for a projector are: cinema, PC (business presentations, HDTV, square and regular video. Each of these will have a different projector screen ratio as the optimal one. To know more about it, I suggest reading the article: What Projector Screen Should I Buy?

The height is as important as the distance

It is common to research about the distance, but the height the projector screen should be from the floor is also very important. Get the screen installed at the wrong height and you can get a sore neck after watching a 2 hour movie. Obviously, you want to avoid that.

Most people will have the projector screen hanging out from the ceiling, but a good screen will allow the user to adjust the height anyway. The projector screen should follow the same guidelines of a wall mounted TV height.

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Projector to screen distance

I have one good news and one bad news for you. The bad news is the correct projector to screen distance depends on the model of projector you are using. The good news is most manufacturers offer a projector to screen distance calculators on its website. Also, this information will be in the instruction manual, so you will have access to it after buying the projector.

Some brands will offer their customer information tables with different sizes of screen projectors. Like the one Epson makes available online.   

This happens because not one projector is the same as the others. They have different screen sizes. So it is just not possible to have one formula to fit all brands and models.

When dealing with a projector there is not a perfect distance. The brands will offer a recommended minimum and maximum projector to screen distance. This is particularly useful so you can get the protected image to cover the right area on the screen, after all you do not want it to go outside the screen edges.  

So if you are thinking of having a projector cinema room in your household, I strongly recommend you measure available space to be between projector and screen before buying the projector itself. Then research online if the model of the projector you want requires a distance that you can have available in the room.

Manufacturers projector to screen distance calculators

Please find below a few projector to screen distance calculators of the most popular brands. This should help you to plan ahead and decide which brand suits your needs the best.

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