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What are the Benefits of Mounting Your TV on the Wall

What are the Benefits of Mounting Your TV on the Wall

Some people question if it is worth installing flat screen TVs on the wall. The fact that it is not possible to move the TV from where it was originally set up and the difficulties of installation usually make people give up on the idea. However, with a little bit of planning and research, mounting your TV on the wall can be an easy task.  


Everything You Need To Know About TV Wall Mounts -


Are TVs Supposed to be Mounted?

Most of the latest TV models are suitable to be wall mounted. It does not matter how big or heavy they are. If the TV is featured with a VESA mounting pattern, it means it has been designed to be mounted. VESA is a set of pre-drilled holes on the back of the TV, allowing you to hang it from a mount, regardless if it is mounted to the wall, spring arm, or stand from the floor.

Viewing angles of your TV once it is been mounted on the wall

This will depend on the TV wall mount you will use. There are many different models of mounts in the marketplace nowadays. They come with different features, shapes & forms, and obviously prices. It is also important to take into consideration the capabilities of the mount, as large TVs will need a heavy duty mount, so take your time and research about the TV wall mount before you buy one. 

Is it safe to mount a TV on the wall?

TVs are heavy and bulky, and that might make people wonder if it is safe to keep them mounted on the wall. There are three main components to make this happen: The TV, the mounting bracket and the wall. If all three are rated to take the TV weight and the installation is done properly there is nothing to worry about. 

If you need help with the TV wall mount installation, you can also hire a professional to do it for you, but as explained before, with some planning and preparation it is not difficult to get the job done.

Comparing wall mounts to TV entertainment units (standing from the floor); wall mounts are way safer. As there is no chance of children or pets trying to climb the TV. If you have a TV stand, or unit, it can be a problem as there is a risk of a TV falling onto them.


Space Saving

The number one benefit of mounting a TV on the wall is the fact that it saves considerable space. Even space is not a problem in the room you are planning to have the TV in, it makes the environment neat and tidy. Less furniture allows you to arrange the decoration the way you want and it is less surface for you to dust and clean.

Is It Ergonomic Friendly?

If you follow the guidelines, mounting your TV on the wall is very ergonomic friendly, it means you will not have neck or back problems by watching TV for prolonged hours (watching a movie for example). 

If the viewing angle depends on the quality of the TV wall mount you choose, what you need to get absolutely right is the height you need to install the TV from the floor. We suggest you read the article: How High Should I Mount My TV on The Wall.
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