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TV Wall Mount - What is the right one for you?

TV Wall Mount - What is the right one for you?

Gone are the days when the TVs were large, bulky and heavy. You needed a large TV stand, or TV unit set to hold the screen. Those units were equally large and bulky, they took precious space from the TV and living rooms. TV and its stand was more than just a TV to watch movies or shows, they were a piece of furniture, and did not alway match with the decoration of the room.

Nowaday the TVs have big screens, but are thin and relatively lightweight compared to the TV made a decade ago. The TVs are controlled not only by remote control, but also by tablets, phones and other bluetooth devices. So they do not have a switchboard, or panel anymore. The user has full control of the TV sitting on the couch, so no reason to walk to the TV at all.

These factors combined allow the TV to be installed on the wall. No more TV units are required, the equipment is no longer a piece of furniture in the living room. To make it possible, you need a TV wall mount unit. As expected, there are many different models in the market, they offer the users different features. Let’s have a look at them, so you can find out which is right for you. 

Available Features

Before we see the difference in the TV mount units. It is important to understand what are the most common features there are in the Australian market today. 

  • Tilt angle
  • Swivel 
  • Weight & size capacity
  • Sturdiness
  • Arm length
  • Mounting standard
  • Safety lock

Before buying the mount, you need to know which features are important to you and your family. Usually, the viewing angle is a big one. However, it depends on where the TV will be installed. If it is in a large room with multiple spots where viewers can watch TV, then you want the mount to be able to tilt and swivel; extended long arms are handy in these situations as well. These features will allow multiple comfortable viewing angles. So the viewers can sit anywhere in the room and still be comfortable watching TV.

Sturdiness is a  feature that all TV wall mount units should have. You will move the TV to change the view angle, if you have a flimsy mount, you will not feel secure to do it. If you have a low quality mount, it may get stuck while you try to move it around. This problem is even worse if you have a large and heavy TV. At the end of the day, TVs are expensive, and so are to fix the wall. Between these two, the TV wall mount is the least expensive item, so why save money on something so important?

We do not recommend purchasing the most expensive mount in the market. Afterall, you do not want to pay for something you are not going to use. TecnoTools has great entry level TV wall mounts with useful features for sale. Just understand what is important to you and select the best cost benefit product for your needs. 

Which TV wall mount is the right one?

At the of the day there are three main factors to consider when making a decision of which TV wall mount you should buy, and no, it has nothing to do with the price. Instead you should consider: viewing angle, size and mount standard of your TV and installation.

Considering the TV mount is a good quality, you know it is sturdy and has a smooth movement of the arms. The view angle is the major difference between the mount in the Australian market today. You may find different shapes TV mounts units to a point they seem to be different products, but the reality is, the simple designed mounts tend to offer way less view angle options, and the more complex ones offer the user a greater number of options of view angles. 

Make sure the mounting standard of your TV is compatible with the TV wall mount unit. The most common standard in the Australian market is VESA. If you are not what it means, click on the link: What is VESA? To find out details about the standard. Do not buy a mount that is not compatible with your TV. Even though there are a few VESA adaptors in the market, the weight capacity of the mount might be under the actual TV weight.


The vast majority of the TV nowadays feature VESA mounting standard. So, you should not have any problems finding a mount suitable for your TV.


Installation of the mount does not need to be hard. It is something that any handy person with the correct tools can do. However, not everyone is a hand person. So, buying a TV wall mount with installation is a peace of mind for those people. Most, if not all TV wall mount suppliers do not offer installation, but it is not difficult to find installation companies in Australia that can do it for you.

You can get someone to install the mount for you, but you cannot trust that person or professional to get the right spot to install the TV. While a good professional might have an idea of how high the TV should be installed, only you know your needs and the most comfortable view point. 

There is a tool to help you to calculate the correct height the TV is recommended to be installed, the wall mounted TV height calculator is a simple and easy guide that takes in consideration the viewer needs. It is recommended that you calculate the optimal height before installing the TV on the wall.


To quickly recap the criteria you should use to select, purchase and install the best TV wall mount for your needs.

  • Good quality product that is sturdy and has a smooth arm movement
  • Allow different adequate view angles suitable for your room and your needs
  • The bracket has the same mounting standard of you TV
  • The TV mount must be installed properly and in the correct height for a comfortable and ergonomic TV viewing.

Remember, it is not about the price! It is not because the mount is expensive that is the best option. Always consider your needs and expectations.

TecnoTools has a great range of TV wall mounts! We keep stock in all major capital cities, so we can offer fast and reliable freight Australia wide! For peace of mind, you have a 12 month warranty when buying any product in our store. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our responsive customer service by email, phone or online messenger. We are here to help.

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