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Should you mount your TV on the wall?

Should you mount your TV on the wall?

Having TVs and monitors mounted on the wall is becoming very popular not only in households, but also businesses. There are many benefits of mounting your screen on the wall, let’s have a look at the main ones. 

It reduces or eliminate neck, shoulders and back pain

If it is done correctly, mounting the TV on the wall has great health benefits. When you watch TV by raising your head to, your spine does not rotate as much, and your head’s weight is distributed equally amongst the neck muscles. The evenly balanced distribution reduces strains on the neck and shoulders. However, if not installed properly, for example the monitor is in the wrong height, or too far away, or too close from the viewer, you might not be able to take advantage of these benefits. So it is extremely important that the TV wall mount height is correct.

Space Optimization

If you are mounting the TV in your home, you will get your TV room in a clean and modern decoration style. If you are mounting the computer monitor in the office on the wall, where usually space is even more crucial, as businesses have always been trying to optimize space and reduce cost, then a monitor wall mount is probably the correct choice for you. Either way, regardless what situation you are in, considering mounting the screen on the way is a great option. 

Easy on the Eye

If the installation is done correctly and if you use a good quality wall mount, you also get to make the whole environment neat and tidy by hiding all the cables inside the wall. 

The TV wall mount installation does not need to be complicated.While you know to have the right tools and some set of skills to get the job done, it is not very difficult. If you do not feel comfortable to do it yourself, which is totally understandable, you can always search for help from professional TV wall mount installers.

Concern about Mounting the TV on the Wall

Not everything is great when considering installing the TV on the wall. Even though it comes with its set of advantages, there is one thing that a TV mounted on the wall does not have. Flexibility! Once the TV is on the wall, that is it. You cannot move it to another spot in the living room or the house easily. Pretty much you will have to uninstall and install it again.

Good wall monitor mounts come with extended arms, so it is possible to move the TV to adapt to where the viewer is sitting in the room. However, it is the best the product can offer. So before making a decision of mounting the TV or monitor on the wall, you have to consider that the screen cannot be moved anywhere.

About TecnoTools

TecnoTools has a comprehensive range of mounts for you to choose from. We are not limited to wall mounts, as  we also offer our customer monitor arms, stands and adapters. If you want to know more about our company, do not hesitate to contact us by email, phone, or online chat. We are here to help.

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