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TV Wall Mount Installers - Where to Find Them in Melbourne?

TV Wall Mount Installers - Where to Find Them in Melbourne?

When you have a project to have a TV mounted on the wall there are many things you have to consider. The size of the screen, the type of TV wall mount unit you need to buy, where it is going to be installed, the optimal viewing angle and the list goes on and one. However, if you are not a handy person, or if you do not have all the necessary tools, the installation itself might be a problem to solve. 

The good news is you do not need to do it yourself if you do not want to or cannot. You can rely on TV wall mount installers to do the job. Here we have a list of TV wall mount installation companies near you. This article will suggest a few companies operating in Victoria, Australia.

Providing TV wall mount installation in Melbourne TecnoTools suggests the following five companies.

  • Melbourne TV Mounting: They are professional installers for homes or businesses. They can mount your new TV on the wall or ceiling in any location. They can also set up your TV on a cabinet or stand. Their service comes with a 10 year warranty. More details on they website

  • Hang My TV - With over 15 years experience, Hang My TV has installed 8000+ TVs for more than 4000 customers. Their website is very user friendly and customers can book the service online and have an estimation of the cost. The start price of the TV wall mount installation package is just $249. Their website is

  • Melbourne Antenna Services - This company has been operating since 1995, so they know what they are doing, otherwise they would not have operated for so long. They offer same day TV wall mounting services all over Melbourne and their services come with a 10 year warranty. Their prices start from $150. Click on the website if you want to know more

  • Jim’s Antennas - You have probably seen the name of Jim’s somewhere, as this large franchise chain offers many different services. They are not usually the cheapest, but are known for doing the job right. They can not only expertly fit the TV to the wall, they can supply the correct TV wall bracket, ensure all cables are hidden, and set up and tune your new Digital TV if you need. Jim’s website is

I hope this list of TV wall mount installers can help you to find the best professional for you. If you decide to do it yourself, we suggest reading the article How High Should a TV Be Mounted on The Wall to learn about the optimal position you should install the TV on the wall.

Here at TecnoTools we do not offer installation ourselves. However, we offer our customers a great range of wall mounts for monitors and TVs. All our products come with 12-month warranty and we fast shipping Australia wide.

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