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New Specialized Tools Available at TecnoTools

New Specialized Tools Available at TecnoTools

Here at TecnoTools we are always working to bring the best value for money in our scope of supply. Recently, we added new products to our specialized tools range. As usual, these products come with 12-month warranty and can be delivered Australia wide.

Hand Winch - This product is also known as a 4x4 hand winch. We are yet to bring new suppliers on board, but we can now offer a few different models of hand winch. It is a very important tool to have as a spare, just in case the car winch does not work as expected. If you do not expect to use a winch often, a portable hand winch might be a very good option as an inexpensive alternative to an electrical one.

12V Diesel Transfer Pump - Just like the hand winch, we are still negotiating with new 12V diesel transfer pump suppliers. However, we already have a few models available. This product is handy for campers and 4WD enthusiasts in Australia. If you need to refuel your 4x4’s tank in a remote location, or top up the generator in a camping site, you need this pump. 

High Pressure Water Pumps - This is a truly versatile product. The high pressure water pumps sold by TecnoTools can be used for irrigation, water tanks, swimming pools, ponds, toilets, etc. Wherever you need pressurized water in your household you can rely on this pump. Each model will have its set of features, but all our pumps are made of stainless steel body, and Rust-resistant coated motor housing.

UTE Tool Canopy - This is a tool box designed to fit the back of UTE cars. Ours is marine grade aluminum, so it is not going to corrode under the weather. It is also made with rubber sealing and fully welded seams to keep tools and equipment protected from the rain. Our UTE tool canopy comes with five drawers, two shelves and a large storage room on the side. There is ample space for all your tools.

Generator Tool Boxes - This is an aluminum tool box that can be used on the car to hold a spare battery, or anywhere else. It is made of heavy-duty aluminum with a checker plate finish, this tool box is constructed with a reinforced lid and strong sidewalls. The high-quality rubber sealing and fully welded seams make this product suitable for the outdoor environment, being weather resistant. Our generator tool boxes are large enough (62cm x 40cm x 50cm) to fit a battery. It does not have any drawers or walls internally. However, you can still use it to keep tools and equipment.

Electrical Cables Reels - If you need a high quality electrical cable stand, TecnoTools got you covered. Our cables are made with pure oxygen-free copper and a highly durable and strong reinforced PVC cover. The wire is waterproof, fire-retardant and can withstand extreme temperature changes without losing any of its effective conductivity. Our cables can be used for automotive or general electrical use. Our cables are Australia Standard SAA-certified, so you know you are using a quality product.

TecnoTools is always looking for innovative, and high quality specialized tools. We are after value for money products, where the user can rely on the quality without spending top dollars for it. If you are always looking for the new trends in the DIY world, it is worth keeping a eye on our website from time to time.

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