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How to choose the right TV or monitor mount!

How to choose the right TV or monitor mount!

Mounting the TV is now very popular with more households and even businesses doing it than ever before. There are a lot of advantages to mounting the TV or monitor; it makes the room look nice and neat, saves a lot of space and the list goes on and on. However, mounting the TV or monitor needs a bit of planning, and that includes selecting the best mount to suit your needs. In this article we are going to have a look at different types of TV and monitor mounts and brackets, so you can have a better idea of the functionality of this product and decide which one is the best for you.

TV or Monitor Weight & Size

Size and weight must be considered as two different pieces of information before selecting the mount. It sounds obvious, but it is not. Can you picture yourself asking for a mount to hold your 50 inch TV? Probably yes! Now, what about asking for a mount to hold a 45kg TV? Same size TVs of different brands, or even same brand but different models can, and probably will, have different weights. 

When selecting a mount for your TV or monitor, you need to know now only the size of the screen, but also the weight, so you can make the correct decision.

VESA International Standard 

Even though all TVs can be mounted, it is much easier to do it if the monitor or TV has pre-drilled holes on its back. If you want to make it even easier, make sure you buy a TV VESA compatible. The reason for that being, this standard is widely used worldwide, the vast majority of mounts and brackets brands feature VESA drilling pattern, so the TV or monitor fits the mount perfectly. 

Types of Mounts

There are many different types of mount in the Australian market today. They have been designed to fill a specific role, to serve a purpose and solve a problem the user has. Understanding what your requirements are is crucial to select the best mount or bracket for your needs. We are going to quickly talk about a few different types of mounts.

Wall Mounts

A TV or monitor wall mount is now very popular, especially in households. There are a lot of benefits of the TV mounted on the wall, such as making the room nice and neat, keeping the TV away from young children, being able to hide all cables in the wall, among others advantages. Mounting the TV on the wall does not mean the screen must be unmovable, some modern mounts have flexible arms that you can pull the TV off the wall and move it in different angles.

A disadvantage of mounting the TV on the wall is the installation. Not only the installation itself, but the planning of it. Just selecting the best location to install the TV on the wall can be a handful task, as once installed, it is not easy nor convenient to relocate the TV to a different spot. It is not only about appearance, the TV should be installed at a proper height, so it is comfortable to watch TV. The wall mounted TV height is not random and must be taken into consideration when planning the installation.    

Ceiling Mounts

TV ceiling mounts are ideal where there is limited space to have a TV. It makes a good option for caravans or boats. However, shortage of space is not the only problem this product solves. On another hand, if the room is too spacious and you cannot install the TV on the wall, because it would be located too far away from where the viewer will be seated, mounting the TV on the ceiling is also a good option.

Some offices have glass walls, in which it is not possible to mount the TV on. This is another situation that can benefit from having the TV mounted on the ceiling. 

TV Floor Stand

Mounting the TV does not mean it will be fixed on the same location. If you have a TV floor stand you have the flexibility to move the TV as you need it. In fact, some TV stands come with wheels, so they are designed to be pushed around. 

Being flexible is not only important to move the TV as in different rooms, but when you are using a TV stand floor it is not necessary to plan where the TV is going to be as carefully as if you were installing a wall mount. Changing the TV when you are using a stand is as easy as pushing the stand around.

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