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How Much Does a TV Wall Mount Cost?

How Much Does a TV Wall Mount Cost?

Mounting the television on the wall is quite popular these days. The cost of the mounting bracket itself is not that relevant, as it is a significant inexpensive product. However, there are a lot to consider before deciding to mount the TV on the wall, and the cost can add up quickly after purchasing everything you need to do so.

In this article we are going to cover in details the TV wall mount cost, not only the mounting, but everything you need to buy to get it installed.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can save by doing it yourself. This statement is not always true. Yes, you will not pay labor for an electrician to install the TV on the wall for you, but the installation process may take a few hours, depending on your level of skill, tools you have available and if you have someone who is willing to help. How much does your time worth? 

Right, you love doing DIY work around the house and mounting the TV will give a feeling of accomplishment. So let’s do it! Before getting started, do you have all the tools you need to get the job done? 

Without considering the small bits and pieces that you need, and only looking at the “big tools” you will need the following: 

  • Drill and drill bits (estimated cost $100)
  • Stud Finder (estimated cost $50)
  • Spanners and screwdrivers: (estimated cost $30)
  • Level and measuring tape (estimated cost $20)

So, roughly, you are looking at $200 in tools. Now, let’s compare it to a professional installation.

In the article “TV wall mount installers - Where to find them?” you can find a list of professional installers. While the price of the service may vary from company to company, we have found the standard price for the installation to be $250. This cost is just a bit over the investment you have to make to buy the tools. Considering you already have them, you can save $250 if you decide to do it yourself.

Mounting Bracket

If we are talking about the cost of having the TV mounted on the wall, it is only fair that we talk about the TV Wall Mount Cost. As explained before, monitor wall mounts are not an expensive item for the job they do, which is to hold a bulky and heavy TV on the wall. The price of a good mount will vary between $50 to $200. Obviously, the size of your TV, and the features you want in your mounting bracket will define the price of the product you need to buy.

Sometimes, just the mounting bracket is not enough. If you have a TV that is not VESA compatible, you will need to buy a VESA mount adapter. If you are not familiar with the VESA standard, click on “What is VESA” to read more about it.

Do not go cheap when selecting the wall mount. One of the main differences between a good and an ordinary wall mount is the flexibility a good one gives you to move the TV around. A good mount allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your TV. It makes watching TV way more comfortable, especially if you are watching TV for long hours, or playing games.

Other Factors to Consider

To have a successful mount installation, it is not only about drilling holes on the wall, having all the tools and a compatible TV. As mentioned before, the viewing angle is extremely important to have a TV mounted on the wall that people actually will want to watch, as they will not have a sore neck after watching a movie. In other words, the TV wall mount height must be considered before the installation. Mounting the TV too high, or too low will be detrimental to your health.

Final Words

Regardless if you want to do it yourself, or prefer to get professional help to assist you with the TV wall mount installation, do your planning right, do not rush the process and you will be rewarded with a beautiful and hassle free installation. If you skip steps, it is likely the installation will not be done right, and you will need to do it again, which is quite costly and much more harder than getting it right in the first time.

Here at TecnoTools, we have a very comprehensive range of high quality TV wall mounts. Our products come with a 12 month warranty and we offer fast delivery Australia wide.
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