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Brateck Triple Mechanical Spring Monitor Arm: Features Review

Brateck Triple Mechanical Spring Monitor Arm: Features Review

Known for its easy installation and small space requirements, the Brateck triple mechanical monitor arm is an excellent monitor mount for those who need to handle up to three screens, but don’t have a large desktop.

In this article, we are going to review the main features of this versatile monitor arm mount, so you can evaluate if this product is suitable to your needs.

VESA compatible

A VESA compatible monitor mount is an essential component of any computer setup. It allows users to attach their monitors to a wall or a stand, providing them with the optimal viewing angle and improved ergonomics. Not only does this type of mount give users more control over their computer usage, it also reduces clutter in the workspace.

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association, and they are responsible for developing standards related to flat-panel TVs and displays. These standards enable manufacturers to create mounts that are compatible with each other, giving consumers more options when it comes to mounting their monitors. 

The most common types of VESA compatible monitor mounts include wall mounts, desk stands, ceiling mounts and even adjustable arms. Each one offers different benefits depending on the user’s needs; from increased flexibility to improved safety features such as cable management systems.

For detailed information explaining what VESA standard is, we recommend reading the article: What is VESA standard?

Accessible 3.0 USB Ports

In the modern office, it is increasingly important to have features that make our workspace more functional. One of the most essential elements of a productive and efficient work station is easily accessible 3.0 USB ports built into its monitor arm. It allows users to link multiple external devices such as memory sticks, digital cameras and even cell phones without having to unplug other devices or struggle with wires.

Having these accessible ports allows us to save time in setting up our technology needs while working at our desk. Not only can we create an efficient power source for our many gadgets and laptops but we can also ensure that all connections are made conveniently and securely. This is especially helpful if you are using a laptop or tablet in your work area because you no longer need to worry about finding additional outlets for charging them or connecting other components such as external monitors or keyboards.

Elbow Spring

The importance of an elbow spring gauge for weight adjustment in a monitor arm cannot be overstated. This feature ensures that the user is able to adjust their monitors with ease and precision, allowing them to work more efficiently. An elbow spring gauge allows for accurate and precise adjustment to the weight of a monitor, making it easier to customize your workspace according to individual needs. It also reduces strain on the arm by allowing users to adjust the weight without having to pull or lift the entire monitor.

This type of adjustable mechanism offers excellent performance and quality, as well as additional benefits such as increased security and stability. The spring tension helps keep the monitor in place while simultaneously absorbing any shock or vibration from accidental knocks or bumps that could damage other types of arms not utilizing this technology.

Quick-Release Mounting Plate

A Quick-release mounting plate is an important feature to consider when purchasing a monitor arm. This feature allows for easy installation and removal of the monitors, providing flexibility in how you use your space. With a quick-release plate, you can easily adjust the angle of your screen or switch out different monitors with minimal effort.

The convenience and flexibility of this feature is especially beneficial for businesses that need to quickly and efficiently move their displays from one location to another. Additionally, if any maintenance needs to be done on the monitor, such as cleaning or replacing a faulty component, it can be quickly and easily removed without needing specialized tools or extensive labor. This provides added convenience while also reducing downtime due to repairs or replacements. 

Overall, a quick-release mounting plate makes it much easier to adjust the position of your display or replace components when needed.

90 Degree Swivel Range

A 90 degree swivel range is an important feature to consider when selecting a monitor arm for your workspace. This feature allows your monitor to rotate side-to-side from the center of its stand, providing an increased range of motion and maneuverability. Such a range can be incredibly useful in situations where maximizing workspace or increasing ergonomic comfort is desired.

A 90 degree swivel range ensures that you can easily adjust the orientation of your monitor without having to constantly reposition it as you move around. This allows for a more comfortable working environment, as well as greater convenience when switching between tasks or rotating your view during long hours spent at your desk. Furthermore, this increased range of motion also helps reduce any potential neck strain or fatigue caused by frequent adjustments while working on multiple projects throughout the day.

Grommet or Clamp Installation

Grommet installation is an important and crucial feature to consider when purchasing a monitor arm. It provides the foundation for a sturdier and more secure mount, ensuring that the monitor does not slip or move in any direction. Grommet installation is simple to do, with most models requiring only minimal effort to install.

The grommet helps hold the base of the monitor arm firmly in place, which eliminates any unwanted wobbling and shaking from occurring. This ensures that you have an optimal display experience each time you use your monitor arm. Additionally, it makes managing cables easier as they can be tucked away behind the desk with ease. Grommet installation also provides added stability when connecting multiple monitors together on one mount.

Clamp installation is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional grommet mounting when it comes to installing a monitor arm. Clamps offer several advantages over grommet installation, making them the ideal choice for many users.

The biggest advantage of clamp installations is its ease of use. Unlike grommets which require careful drilling and exact measurements, clamps are designed to fit almost all desks without any additional work or materials required. This makes them much easier to install than grommets and can be done quickly with minimal effort. Additionally, they are more adjustable than grommet mounts and can be adjusted up or down depending on the user's preference. 

Another great advantage of clamp installations is that they provide a much cleaner finished look than grommets since there's no need for extra hardware or messy wires running through your desk space.

About TecnoTools

TecnoTools is your supplier of VESA monitor mount in Australia. Regardless if you are looking for a single, triple, or even quadruple mount, we have you covered. We keep stock in all major Australia capital cities and offer fast shipping country wide. 

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