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Brateck Releases a New Series of Monitor Arms

Brateck Releases a New Series of Monitor Arms

Brateck is the leading brand of monitor arms, stands and mounts in Australia. The company has just released a new series of monitor mounts. TecnoTools has been supplying Brateck products since the foundation of the company in 2019. We now have added to our portfolio all the recently launched monitor arms. In this article we are going to cover the innovations you can find in the new series of products. 

Brateck has been designing the latest technology in monitor and TV mounts, arms and stands. However, the brand managed to incorporate new features in order to make its product even easier to use. Monitors are heavy and bulky items, but the new series of mounts make them look light and portable. Let’s have a look at what is new!

In this new series, the company has launched single, dual and triple arms. The dual monitor arm mount comes in two different models, the main difference between them is that one is pole mounted, which means you have one more option to adjust the height. We will see how it works very soon in this article.


Brateck has always designed its monitor arm with the latest features in the market, those are still present in the new series, so you still have features like: cable management, clamp and grumet connection in the same arm, VESA mounting pattern and others. 

So this new series of monitor arms is all about the looks and comfort. All the monitor arms feature an aluminum finish; the idea is to incorporate the mount to the office decoration, making it stand out by the way it looks.

The new mounts allow the user to move the monitors easily. Brateck uses a high quality gas spring mechanism that counterbalances the weight of the screen to improve adjustment when needed. The arm holds the monitor firmly in place.

The pole-mounted arm is featured in the single, dual and triple mount, giving the user the possibility of adjusting the height of the monitor even further. Not only the arm can be positioned upwards, but it is possible to move the base of the arm in the vertical position. The mount also allows the monitor to be spun in both directions.


TecnoTools has been supplying Brateck products in Australia since the company foundation in 2019! We do not sell only the most popular products such as monitor and TV mounts, but we also sell the small parts that make the mounting possible, such as the vesa adapter mount, cable covers, monitor riser, and other parts. So when you need a solution to mount the monitor or TV in the office or home you know you can count on TecnoTools.

If you need something you cannot find on the website, do not hesitate in reaching out to us and share your needs. We might be able to source what you want from Brateck itself, so you can get your project finished. 

We also offer a 12 month warranty for peace of mind. We ship all our products Australia wide, and when possible, we use fast delivery couriers.

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