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Best Sit-Stand Desk for Gamers

Best Sit-Stand Desk for Gamers

A good gamer spends long hours in front of the screen playing. It is likely he or she spends too much time in one position. To make it worse, the adrenaline of the game does not make them feel their health is being harmed until their body is really sore.

Even if they try to be active when they are not playing, when they sit in position to play again, the negative impact on the body is already there.

A possible solution for the problem is a sit stand desk. The gamer can play and change positions as he or she feels like without having to stop the game.

Best Sit-Stand Desk for Gamers 

As gamers, we may prefer different tools to make your gaming more convenient. Over the last years, TecnoTools has become a popular supplier of sit-stand desks, gaining space in the market dominated by niche specific stores.

A good quality sit-stand desk will relieve the gamer from muscular pain due to the long hours he or she spends in one position in front of the screen.

TecnoTools offers its customers value for money in the company’s products. We provide our customers with the best value sit-stand desk in Australia.

Find below our review of the best sit-stand desk for gamers.

Brateck Single-Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk

The Brateck Single-Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk stands out by its stability. This is often overlooked, but it is one of the most important factors when it comes to sit-stand desks, as this product holds the weight of the monitor, video game console, or computer, keyboard and other accessories. 

After using this sit-stand desk, you can expect an improvement in your overall health condition. A sit-stand desk reduces discomfort of sitting long hours by giving the option to the gamer to stand without interrupting the game. 

In terms of adjustability, the three memory settings provide an easy way to save and recall the user's most used heights. Another great feature is the timer, as it helps to develop a healthy sit-stand habit in predefined intervals.


  • Easy-to-Use Press Controller: makes height adjustment easy 
  • Eco-Friendly Particle Board: features heavy-duty and moisture resistance 
  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy to set-up 
  • Leveling Feet: adapt to most uneven floor or surface 

Artiss Electric Sit Stand Height Adjustable Desk

The Artiss Electric Sit Stand Height Adjustable Desk is one of our most sold sit-stand desks. Its low price combined with impressive features make this sit-stand desk popular in Australia. 

Due to its electric motor, this product is very easy to adjust to the optimal height. Other important features are the smooth and ultra-quiet operation. I might say the motor is very quiet too! This sit-stand desk comes with a high quality powder-coated frame and height-adjustable rubber footings for extra stability. 

As a gamer, you need enough space available on your desk to have games console, monitor, headsets and other accessories. You will enjoy that this Artiss Electric Sit Stand Height Adjustable Desk has a large tabletop surface space to make sure that you can play comfortably and effectively. 


  • Motorized height adjustable frame
  • Lengthened front leg 
  • Smooth and ultra-quiet operation
  • Adjustable height rubber footings 
  • High quality powder coated metal frame

Brateck Gaming Desk with RGB Lighting

Even though the Brateck Gaming Desk with RGB Lighting is not a sit-stand desk, it is worth mentioning here. It comes with many gaming features, and the only downfall is that this desk is not a sit-stand one.  This desk is made for gamers and provides them with a more immersive and fun experience, taking their gaming to the next level.

The scratch-resistant tempered glass surface produces amazing effects from the user controllable built-in RGB lighting. The headset has a cradle for it, and there is a drink holder attached to the frame. This might seem a simple feature, but the idea is to keep often used items within easy reach and the desktop free or clutter. Which means, the gamer does not need to take his or her eyes from the screen to reach out to a drink.


  • RGB Multi-Color Lights
  • Curved-edge desktop for more comfort 
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Leveling feet provide stable footing and stability
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