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Advantages of TecnoTool's Tool Trolleys

Advantages of TecnoTool's Tool Trolleys

Have you ever found yourself in the scenario below?

So you realise you need a tool trolley, you know how many tools and equipment you need to store, so you know the size you want. You need a good size tool box with drawers, it does not need to be huge, but a decent size one, something around just under 1 meter tall with a proportional width. You go to Australia's largest hardware store to have a look at what they have available. All you find are small trolley tool boxes, not large enough for you. But wait! You do find a couple of units you need, but it is just very expensive; more than you were expecting to pay.

You are not convinced this is the best you find, so you go online to do some research trying to find a better deal. You find the trolley box you are looking for, but they are too cheap to be true. You can see the product before purchasing it, so you are suspicious and unsure about it. Besides, you do not have a phone number to call, the delivery time is weeks, not days. So you know this item is not in Australia and the quality is likely to be poor.

You have a good number of tools, so why not build your own tool trolley? There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but the more you research about it, you realise it is not as easy as it looks in the DIY videos you found online. You probably can build it, but it will miss important features and it will take you a long time to finish your project.

So you narrow down your search, and look for specialized Australian stores selling tool trolleys. Great, you find what you need. However, the average price is $2,000. It is way out of your budget. All you want is to find a good Australian store, with decent quality tool trolleys, for a price you can pay and fast delivery. Well, TecnoTools is here to fill this gap in the Australian market. 

TecnoTools is an Australian store of technology and specialised tools, including trolley tool boxes. We have local stock, decent quality products, at fair prices you can pay. But we are not here to write about our company, we want to outline the qualities of the tool trolleys sold by TecnoTools.

We have different trolley box models, each one with its own features, but as a whole, you can expect our best models to come with the following features:

  • Heavy duty & robust  constructions;
  • Rust resistant coated surface
  • Large storage capacity;
  • Multi size drawers to hold different size tools;
  • Fully lockable drawers ;
  • Castor wheels with lockable braking system
  • High quality ball bearing drawer slides;
  • Non-slip liner.

If you would like to find out more about TecnoTool’s trolley boxes, you can find detailed information in the article: What Makes a High Quality Toolbox Chest.

TecnoTool’s difference

TecnoTools is not a company specialised in tool trolleys, we will not have all the models available and we cannot make custom-made products. That is not our goal. Our goal is to be a trustworthy Australian supplier of products you need. We want to be known as the best cost benefit in Australia, selling products with good quality, reliable service and responsive customer care.

Unlike many online marketplaces, you can pick up the phone and call us to get your questions answered before making a decision of buying your new tool box trolley. If you prefer not to call us, you can either email us, or reach out to our customer service through online chat.

Tool box trolleys are expensive. What about the freight cost? We have partnerships in place with the major freight companies in Australia, so we can offer fast shipping country wide at low freight cost. Our shipping fees start as low as $15!

Let’s recap: high quality products, competitive prices, local stock, fast delivery, responsive and easily reachable customer service to answer your possible questions. What do you need more? If you are thinking about warranty, we got you covered. TecnoTools offers a 12-month warranty on all our products. Our commitment is to either replace the product, or refund your money in the unlikely event you have problems with our products. You can even return the item if you change your mind!

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