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Studio Acoustic Foam Tiles Sound Absorbtion Proofing Panels Wedge 30X30CM


Features and specifications:
Materials: Polyurethane acoustic foam
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 30 x 30cm (L x W)
Thickness: 5cm
Density 25kg/m3
Quantity: 40
Coverage per set: 3.6m2
Design: 6-tooth wedge

Product Contents:
1 x 40pcs Studio Acoustic Foam Sound Absorbtion Proofing Panels Tiles Wedge 30X30CM


These foam tiles are thicker and heavier than most of the acoustic foam tiles on the market today, with five centimetres of foam sitting between unwanted noise and you. Its high-density cell structure and fire-retardant properties make it your number one choice for your home or studio. They’re easy to install and maintain, too. Install them with your choice of screws, glue, nails, or staples, depending on your needs and skill level. Just take them out of their package for a couple of days first so that they can expand to their full size. Cleaning is a breeze – a quick once-over with your vacuum cleaner, and they’re good to go. Don’t wait to have great sound in your home or workplace. Order your acoustic tiles today!

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