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Giantz 400/800kg 1300W Electric Hoist Winch Black


The Giantz 800kg 1300W Electric Hoist Winch is ideal for garage, warehouse and other applications. The hoist is useful for suspending heavy loads. It is made of high quality materials and is durable. The winch has a capacity of 800 kg and can be used to lift loads up to 1300 kg. It comes with a remote control and a safety brake. The winch is easy to install and use.

* Powered by lateral-magnetic single-phase capacitance motor
* 18m upgraded high tensile cable
* Premium copper motor
* Emergency instant stop switch
* Built-in flywheel for self-cooling
* Single and double rope lifting
* Overload protection function
* Comes with an extra hook
* CE/GS/RoHS/EMC approval

* Voltage: AC 240V/50Hz
* Input power: 1300W
* Single rope capacity: 400kg
* Double rope capacity: 800kg
* Lifting speed: Single rope 10 metres/min, Double rope 5 metres/min
* Lifting height: Single rope 18m, Double rope 9m
* Length of power cable: 0.8m
* Length of control switch cable: 1.8m

Package Contents
1 x Electric Hoist
1 x User Manual

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