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Brateck Motorized Projection Screen with Remote Control 100" (4:3 ratio)


Brateck Motorized Projection Screen with Remote Control - Ideal for educational application, commercial presentations, residential entertainment,etc. - Stylish "D" shape metal case available in black or white colour - Standard RF remote control to operate the screen freely in the room - 3-way wall switch provides additional control options - Dual wall and ceiling installation design - Standard 4-side black masking borders - Black backed screen material eliminates light penetration for superior colour reproduction

●Silent Tubular Motor: offers extended operational longevity and low power consumption
●3-Way Wall Switch: provides additional control options
●4-side black Masking Borders: enhance picture contrast
●Cleanable Screen Material: for easy maintenance
●Radio Frequency (RF) Remote: provides control integration for an effortless viewing experience
●Wall/Ceiling End Cap Design: allows for multiple configurations and versatility in installation and setup
●Black-Backed Screen Material: eliminates light penetration for superior color reproduction
●Steel Case: heavy-duty roller and reliable spring inside

Product Category: Electric Projection Screen
Rank: Standard
Screen Material: Fiberglass Matte White Fabric
Maintenance: Cleanable
Viewing Size(WxH): 2x1.5m
Top Border(B1): 6 cm (2.4" )
Bottom Border(B2): 4 cm (1.6" )
Side Border(B3): 3 cm (1.2" )
Diagonal: 100"
Ratio: 4:3
Viewing Angle: 160°
Gain: 1.0
Motor Type: Tubular Motor
Optional Motor Type: Synchronized Motor
Controller Type: Radio Frequency(RF) Remote Control
Case Dimensions: 229 cm
Case Material: Steel
Case Shape: D-Shaped
Installation: Wall Mounted,Ceiling Mounted
Certification: ,,AS/NZS Safety Report RoHS CE

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