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Brateck TV Wall Mount Adapter 200X200 VESA EXTENSION PLATE


The LCD-201C adapter allows VESA 50x50, 75x75 or 100 x 100-compatible mounting plates to support TVs with VESA 200 x 200 or 200 x 100 hole patterns. It attaches easily to wall mounts and any mount with a certain interface. Supports screens up to 30kg.


Don't throw out your old desk mount just because you've updated your screen! With a handy adapter plate, you can keep your existing TV or Monitor mount and ensure a safe and secure attachment to your shiny new display.

Generally, you'll want to upgrade from a smaller mounting plate to a larger one, and it couldn't be easier with the included parts bag. The plate can go from VESA50, VESA75 or VESA100 and step up to accommodate a VESA200, VESA180 or 200x100mm screen mount.

Back the other way is only a little more fiddly - you'll need some spacers to give you complete access, and the spacers included may not be large enough, so you may need a trip to the hardware store if converting down. Just check our handy diagram above for the complete list of mounting hole patterns available!

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