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Brateck Desktop Organizer 400x220x290mm



DA04-1 Desktop Organizer is designed to optimize the workspace with a compact storage design. A bookshelf is available for files and notebooks, and a pull-out drawer for small accessories and often used items.

●Soft Grip Handle: easy to carry
●Storage Drawer: meet the various storage demands of supplies while keeping a clean look
●Standalone Bookend organizes books, magazines, and catalogs effctively.

Product Category: Desktop Storage
Rank: Standard
Material: Steel,Plastic,Felt,Silicone
Surface Finish: Powder Coating
Color: Matte White
Dimensions: 400x220x290mm (15.7"x8.7"x11.4")
Weight Capacity: 10kg (22lbs )
Storage Items: Tablet,Mobile Phone,Stationery,Mouse

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