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Brateck Acoustic Desktop Privacy Panel with Felt Surface 1500(W)X600(H)MM

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Nowadays, office environments have become more open designs, providing a way to freely communicate and interact with others. However, people still desire a level of privacy while at work. With LUMIVIDA’s Desktop Privacy Panels installed, privacy is once again achieved while still maintaining the benefits of an open workspace design. Manufactured using eco-friendly recycled polyester fibre materials. These privacy panels also absorb up to 85% of ambient noise, helping to reduce phone call chatter, copier and other annoying office sounds. Reasonably priced, a small investment goes a long way to improve workspace productivity and employee satisfaction, while never losing the benefits of a collaborative work environment.

Product Category: Desktop Privacy Panel
Rank: Standard
Dimensions(WxHxT): 1500x600x20mm
Net Weight: 3.6kg
Material: Polyester Fibers
Surface with Felt: Yes
Color: Gray
Installation: Clamp

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