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3x 350mm 60T Wood Cutting 14  Circular Saw Blade Bore 30/25.4/22.2mm Kerf 3.5mm

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350mm wood circular saw blade.

Cutting disc 14 60t.

Bore 30/25.4/22.23mm k 3.5mm.

Main features:.


Outer inch:14'.

Body thickness(mm ÿ:2.2.


Arbor size(mm):30 & washer 30/25.430/22.23mm.


Tooth shape:atb.

Tooth hardness:90°.


Tungsten carbide tipped (tct) fordurability.

Scope of best use:cutting sandwichlamlnate,pone wood etc.medium soft wood.

Inapplicable scope:flake oard mdeium fiberboard venner board etc.hard board.

Other use :common shaw wood.

Package including:.

2 x cutting disc.

Important user instruction notice.

Ensure self-protection as first step.

To wear gloves, masks, glasses, to avoid splashing hurt during cutting process.

Inspection of cutting machine safety condition as second step.

To check damage of leaking risk of power cord, fastening condition and anydamage risk of shade discs.

Eliminate overload usage of shades forever.

To check any broken cracks of discus after using each other and ensure toeliminate overload usage even very small cracks to avoid fragmentation.

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