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254mm Turbo Diamond Dry Wet Cutting Disc Circular Saw Blade 7*3mm 10" 25.4/22.3


10' 254mm.

Dry wet diamond cutting wheel.

Turbo saw blade disc 9400.

Main features:.


Outer inch:10'.

Segmnet width(mm):3.0mm.

Arbor size(mm):25.4.

washer adaptor 25.4/22.3mm and 25.4/20mm.

Segment height(mm): 7.

Max : 7000 min.


Production process:cold.

Applications:block,concrete,pavers,brick marble,granite,tile,and other materials.

Package including:.

1x cutting disc.

Important user instruction notice.

Ensure self-protection as first step.

To wear gloves, masks, glasses, to avoid splashing hurt during cutting process.

Inspection of cutting machine safety condition as second step.

To check damage of leaking risk of power cord, fastening condition and any damage risk of shade discs.

Eliminate overload usage of shades forever.

To check any broken cracks of discus after using each other and ensure to eliminate overload usage even very small cracks to avoid fragmentation.

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