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235mm Wood Circular Saw Blade Cutting Disc 9-1/4" 60T Bore 25/22.23mm K 1.8mm


235mm wood circular saw blade cutting disc 9-1/4' 60t bore 25/22.23mm k 1.8mm.

Main features:.


Outer inch:9-1/4'.

Body thickness(mm ÿ:1.2.

Kerf: 1.8mm.

Arbor size(mm):25& washer 25/22.23mm.


Tooth shape:atb.

Tooth hardness:90°.


Tungsten carbide tipped (tct) for durability.

Scope of best use:cutting sandwich lamlnate,pone wood etc.medium soft wood.

Inapplicable scope:flake oard mdeium fiber board venner board etc.hard board.

Other use :common shaw wood.

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