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Office and Home Office Ergonomics, VoIP and Commercial Storage Solutions

About Tecno Tools

TecnoTools is an Australian retail company committed to providing our customers with quality, range, and value for money in our range of office and home office ergonomics and VoIP phones & accessories. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers by providing them with an excellent online shopping experience. 


What We Sell

TecnoTools Sells a Range of Brackets and Mounts

Single Monitor Arms

A monitor arm helps you set your monitor to the most comfortable position, enabling you to adjust the height, depth, and angle of your monitor. A monitor arm’s wide range of adjustability makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues and share information easily. 

Dual Monitor Arms

Dual monitor arms allow multiscreen computer workstations, which has proven to heighten productivity. Using a monitor arm means you can free up valuable workspace to become a more organised, productive and valuable employee, especially in smaller workspaces.

Single Monitor Stands

An adjustable monitor stand for your desk enables you to change your body position throughout the day by changing the height and angle of the screen, offering a great option instead of leaving your desk to stretch. Monitor stands give you the ability to adjust your screen to a comfortable height, as well as better control with the distance from your eyes and the angle of the screen.

Dual Monitor Stands

A dual monitor stand gives users the ability to use multiple displays rather than just one. Some dual monitor stands allow users to either sit or stand when working. The ability to move from sitting to standing throughout the day helps alleviate many of the health concerns that come with sedentary office work.


TecnoTools Sells VOIP Systems & Components

VOIP Phones

One way companies can achieve incredible cost savings is by adopting a VoIP phone system. Cost efficiency aside, accessibility is one of the biggest benefits of VoIP for business. One clear advantage VoIP phone service offers is the ability to make calls from anywhere. A VoIP number, also known as a virtual number, is completely portable. This means you can use the same number wherever you go.


TecnoTools Sells Tool Storage

Tool Boxes

A tool box from Tecno Tools has a host of benefits, including organisation, efficiency and ability to avoid damage.

Tool Cabinets

Benefits Of Monitor Stands

Getting Rid Of Neck Pain And Eye Strains:

A prime benefit of Monitor Stands is how much it helps avoid chronic eye strain caused by looking at the screen all day while working. A monitor placed in a wrong position can also cause you to crane your neck into awkward angles to view it.

A Monitor Stand allows you to adjust the height, depth, and angle of the monitor to the most ergonomic position of the body. This will not only help you to get rid of neck pain and eye strain, but also from the pain in shoulder and poor posture. 

Productivity Enhancement:

Amongst a ton of benefits of Monitor Stands, the improvement in productivity is significant. Multiple screens help in Switching between several windows and computer applications, and also to look for spreadsheets hidden amidst a bunch of open files. Thus, a considerable amount of time can be saved with the help of a Computer Monitor Stand.

Having A Focused And Compact Workspace

It's life changing for employees having a dual monitor arm or a dual monitor stand setup because it creates a much more immersive and beneficial workstation by making screens the primary focal point of the workstation. The multi-monitor stand makes it easier to navigate between different files, thereby restricting distractions.

Having ample screen space makes it much easier to share content and have precise, crisp, and fruitful meetings. It's essential for designers, planners, gamers and streamers who's work requires juggling different programs, which is exactly why monitor stands are so great.

Having A Tidy Desk And More Space To Work:

Probably the ultimate benefit of a monitor stand is that the benefits of Monitor Stands are so varied and all-encompassing. Space is always required in a workspace and a monitor stand can perfectly achieve this. 

A de-cluttered and tidier desk always has a positive impact on the employees. Also it makes easier for everyone to concentrate more on the work. The freed-up space can be used for keeping personal stuff. Thus you can keep pictures of friends and family or your regular items on your work desk.

Therefore, the benefits of Monitor Stands makes it impossible for an employee to turn away from the sheer joy of using a monitor stand for desk. However, a very important thing to remember before purchasing a Monitor Stand is that the monitor should always be VESA compatible.


Top Business Benefits of VOIP Phones

Believe it or not, there are several benefits of switching to a VOIP phone system. Below we've listed the top benefits of VOIP phones:

1. Low Cost-Per-Call

VOIP phones uses Internet Protocol to make calls. Instead of using telephone lines, all communication data is turned into packets and sent over the IP network. The important part of the IP connection is that there's guaranteed quality of service (QoS) from your telephone service provider’s network to your office network.

Placing calls over traditional phone lines means that a line is taken up by the two callers using it to communicate. Because there are only a number of lines that can be installed, calls placed over landlines are expensive. But using the Internet to relay call data circumvents this problem, making domestic and long distance calls cheaper overall.

Businesses that use VOIP phones are usually given the ability to make domestic and domestic long distance calls for free. If the phone number that is chosen for the business is in the United States, for example, providers often allow all calls within the "lower 48" in the United States for free.

2. Service Mobility

If your business is more of an on-the-go service, VOIP phones can be a significant benefit as they'll follow you everywhere you go.

On a normal phone system, a line that runs to a home or business is assigned its own phone number. Any movement that takes place then becomes a trial of remembering the right codes or keys to dial on your phone. So much time can then be wasted by contacting phone companies to transfer services and phone numbers to new locations.

With a VOIP phone system, this doesn't need to be an issue and is completely eliminated. You have the freedom to move as your business demands without any added stress.

3. Versatility of Features

Using VOIP phones allows you to multi-task with the most tech-savvy devices, allowing you to be as productive as you've ever been.

Just imagine you're on a call within a queue. While you're waiting, you can strategise your approach to client calls you have missed as you read voicemail-to-text transcriptions that are sent directly to your email inbox.

Better yet, you can forward messages and voicemail very easily. If you receive an important message in a voicemail, you can actually forward it to three other people.

These features are available with VOIP phones, and because the service always goes with you, the features you find helpful can be added or subtracted with ease. Basically, VOIP phones help grow and improve your business.

4. Simple Conference Calls

The benefits of VOIP phones doesn't stop there. Since all VOIP phone calls use a converged data network instead of dedicated phone lines, creating and participating in conference calls are made much simpler.

It’s possible to take part in conference calls if your business uses a traditional phone system, but what you will find is that you will have to pay for an additional service to host multiple callers for a conference. These services are native to many VOIP phones. Rather than paying for something extra, you can take advantage of the ability to make conference calls as an added benefit to the service you already pay for.

Better yet, VOIP phones systems make video conferences much simper also. Face-to-face interaction with colleagues and clients, while business personnel are out of the office, is much more manageable with VOIP phone systems.

5. Efficient Client Interaction

With VOIP phones there is no reason to lose the ability to conduct important calls or to fail forwarding important documents.

With VOIP phones, you can choose where your calls ring and how. For example, you may select the first few rings to be forwarded to your office. If you don’t answer the call, it'll then be transmitted to a second or third device, say, a mobile phone or laptop. Quite simply, calls don’t need to be missed anymore if they are urgent, thanks to VOIP phones.


Why Use a Tool Box?

Builders, construction workers or handyman who travel to client's houses often need to transport their tools in their car or vans. It's to be noted that the tools must be carried safely without getting damaged. What's the best way to achieve this? A tool box! A tool box can be used for many reasons. The prime benefits of a tool box is listed below:


People who have a higher volume of tools in their garage or vehicles should always aim for great organisation. If they aren't organised, the users will have great difficulty in choosing the tool which they need. This is why a tool box is so beneficial, because they can use a tool box to organise all their tools adequately. 

Prevent damages

When transporting the tools from one place to other, the chances of damage will be high. In order to avoid this damage and to maintain the quality of the tools, one can make use of a quality tool box. Tool boxes are available in many different sizes so you can choose which one can accommodate all your tools best. Thus, by using a tool box, your tools will have a longer life.


Since a tool box is very compact in size, they will accommodate very small spaces. Hence they can be stored easily in cars, lorry or in any other vehicle. They can take this tool box anywhere in order to fulfil their duties. Since a tool box doesn't require any special maintenance, they are quite reliable.


Brand Point-of-Difference

TecnoTools has earned it's name for selling the highest quality, premium tools and technology from leading brands. Our customers are able to shop a very broad range of tools and technology online and have them delivered to their door.

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