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PoE Injector / Adaptor

Do you need to power your device, but you do not have a power outlet available? No problems! If you device is a low-power one, you can use a PoE (power over ethernet) to do the job.

Common devices that can be powered with PoE are surveillance cameras, VoIP phones, access points, remote computer terminals, door access systems, video phones and any other low-power device. That being said, PoE has been evolving quickly. Today it is possible to power 200W devices like larger TVs with robust PoE technology, but it is yet not very common, nor financially viable.

TecnoTools offers to its customers the best brands in the market. However, we have Ubiquiti as our preferred, due to it high quality products. Ubiquiti Networks offers Power over Ethernet (PoE) Adapters to power a variety of Ubiquiti products. The PoE Adapters are compatible with most Ubiquiti PoE devices. Ubiquiti PoE Injector / Adapters offer important features such as surge protection, AC cable with earth ground, maximum surge discharge, peak pulse current and clamping protection. For more information, click on this link.

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