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Acoustic Foam & Acoustic Tiles

Made for musician and audiophiles, Acoustic Foam Panel is designed to optimize improve vocal clarity and acoustics when recording in studios and home theatres. It will effectively minimize echoes and reduce reverberation and excess reflection.

Many people think Acoustic Foam Panels were designed to isolate outside noise from coming through walls. However, that is not true. That been said, the product does reduce the outside sound, but does not block it completely.

The product is also known as acoustic tiles and it can be used for anyone who is a music lover, or just want to fine tune his/her TV room. TecnoTools makes this an accessible product, so everyone can benefit from using it. It is not exclusive for musicians and professional's studios.

When considering acoustic tiles (or acoustic foam) the thicker and the heavier the better result you get. TecnoTools' range of acoustic panels are thicker and heavier than most of the acoustic foam tiles on the market today. It is a very easy product to install and it can be done with staples, glue, screws or nails.

TecnoTools has a wide range of acoustic tiles stocked in all major capital cities in Australia. This allows us a fast reliable and economic shipping country wide. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our responsive customer service team by email, our 1300 number or online messenger.
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