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Which Toolbox Trolley Is The Right One For You?

Which Toolbox Trolley Is The Right One For You?

For someone who has many different tools and equipment, finding a way to keep them safe and organized is extremely important. A tradie professional or even a DIY enthusiast can easily have thousands of dollars worth of tools. It is something that cannot be ignored.

TecnoTools has a comprehensive range of toolbox trolleys. We have different models and shapes, one of them is the right one for you, but how to choose the best one for your needs? Let’s have a look at the main features and usability of different types of toolbox trolley we have. 

Tool Cart 3 Steel Shelves Trolley

Let’s start nice and easy. The tool cart three shelves trolley is the most trolley we have. It does not have a large capacity and does not feature drawers. This is a robust trolley capable of holding 150kg in total, 50kg per shelf. 

The tray size is: 660mm x 360mm x 50mm, so it can hold considerably large tools. However, the main benefit of using this trolley is mobility. It is often used to move tools within the garage or workshop. You can easily push this trolley around from where they are usually kept to where you need them to get the job done.

Giantz 5 Drawer Mechanic Trolley Tool Box

The 5 Drawer Mechanic Trolley Tool Box is a high quality and robust tool box ideal for storage, as it keeps the tools organized in drawers. With powder coating finish, this cabinet is built to last long. Intelligent designs with different depth drawers and sharp edge protection to avoid painful unexpected bumps into it.

The product comes with handles on its side and wheels, so it can be moved around easily. All the drawers are lockable, so it is safe to keep the tools and equipment in commercial warehouses and workshops with a high traffic of people. 

One benefit of this toolbox trolley is the quality components, such as ball bearing slides, providing a smooth opening and closing of the drawers; lockable wheels, so when you are not moving the trolley is stands safely still and anti-slip liners inside the drawers, so the tools do not get scratched.

Giantz 15 Drawers Tool Cabinet Trolley

The 15 Drawers Tool Cabinet Trolley is the ultimate storage solution for tools and equipment. It suits professional and DIY enthusiasts with a large collection of tools. This tool cabinet trolley is 2 in 1. The top detachable part has 9 different size drawers, and the bottom part has six large drawers.

The material of construction is tensile powder-coated steel, the Giantz Tool Chest and Trolley is built to last. The cabinet has been designed to keep different tool sizes. Featuring 15 drawers, with a 9-drawer chest and 6-drawer trolley, each drawer slides in and out smoothly on high quality ball bearings in the metal drawer runners. 

Each drawer features gripped EVA pad lining to prevent the tools from moving around and getting stretched or even damaged. Another important feature is the upgraded locks that are way more secure than regular locks. The sturdy oval-shape handles allow a full grip and smooth handling, even if the cabinet is full of heavy tools. Speaking of moving, the four wheel lockable brakes (equipped in two wheels) makes it even easier to move the trolley around. 

Other storage solutions

In regards to toolbox trolleys these are the most popular models TecnoTools supplies to the market. However, the company has different storage equally popular in the Australian market, such as wall mount storage bins, toolstation shelving and many others. 


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