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Where Can You Use Electric Hoists

The definition is simple and clear. A hoist is a device capable of lifting and lowering heavy loads. What might not be clear is the different use you can have from this product. You might say, my business does not need a hoist, as we only handle 20kg loads at the time. However, it is not only how heavy the load is, but how often the loads are handled and how far they have to be moved.

In this article, we are going to explain when and where hoists should be used, what they are and who benefits from using one. 

What is hoist?

This is not a simple answer. The dictionary defines hoist as “An apparatus for lifting heavy or cumbersome objects”. However, if you search on Google the term hoist, you will find the following definition: “a hoist is a mechanical device that is used in healthcare to transfer physically disabled individuals from one place or position to another”.

To make it more confusing, a hoist also can be called a winch, which is also a terminology used to define 4WD winches. So, just bear in mind that if you come across the term hoist or winch, it might refer to a device that lifts loads (or even people) with the objective to move it from point A to point B.

For the sake of this article, our hoist or winch is the product designed to help businesses to move their loads, such as off load, or load a truck, move a heavy piece of equipment to its position where it will be installed, among other applications.

Types of hoist

There are many different types of hoist. The most common ones are manual, electric and pneumatic. Here at TecnoTools, we are an electric hoist supplier, so this article will describe the common use and benefits of this type of product.   

Manually operated hoist or winch is normally a limited product in terms of weight lifting capacity, due to the fact that the performance of the hoist depends on how much effort the operator is willing to make. For definition a hand winch is a device used to pull cars or boats onto trailers.

Why use electric hoist

There are a few different reasons we recommend electric hoist for your business. The first one is cost. It is an inexpensive product for the type of work it does. If the business has to employ someone to lift loads, it will certainly be worse off. And it is not only financially, the person will not be as efficient as an electric hoist, and he or she is likely to develop health issues due to the harsh nature of the job. 

Even if the loads that are expected to be lifted are not that heavy, for instance less than 20kg. If it is something that needs to be handled multiple times on a daily basis, it is just not worth it not having an electric hoist. 

The second reason to use an electric hoist is safety. Good model comes with an emergency safety switch, so if there is any problem during the operation, the operator can halt it immediately. Besides, the chance of accidents by using an electric hoist is pretty slim compared to manual handling.

The third reason is predictability. If it does not matter if it is just the start of a working day, or 5pm on a Friday, the electric hoist will perform the same. The business can plan ahead and forecast how long a specific job will take.

Final Words

Electric hoists are a must for businesses that need to lift loads, heavy or not that heavy ones on a regular basis. It is a reliable, safe and economic solution. 

TecnoTools offer a comprehensive range of electric hoists. We can deliver Australia wide and all our hoist and winches have a 12 month warranty for the customer's peace of mind. If you need further assistance you can contact us via online chat, phone or email.
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