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Sit Stand Desk

What Should We Consider When Choosing a Sit Stand Desk?

Sitting all day long isn’t a good option since prolonged sitting will increase the risk of physical wellbeing and mental health. In modern society, more than half of the time we spend a day sitting, such as commuting, having meals, watching TV, and most of all – working at the desk. Thus, turn your workstation into a place that promotes health and productivity can be extremely important.

A standing desk or stand up desk or sit-stand desk converter can easily convert a regular seated workstation to an active and movement-friendly one, which helps combat the sitting diseases. There are so many choices for ergonomic furniture that finding the best to fit your needs can be a challenge. So, here in this article, we will summarize some tips in choosing a stand-up desk.



Before purchasing a stand-up desk, we should make your specific demands clear. Firstly, consider whether you will change the posture frequently. A height-fixed standing desk significantly reduces the sitting time, but prolonged standing is no better. By contrast, a sit stand desk solves the problem efficiently and provide more comfort and ergonomic workstation.


Once you decide to invest a height-adjustable standing desk, ask if you need a whole new sit-stand desk or a unit that can set on the top of the existing desk, and take your available space and cost into account. If you prefer a large desk surface and want to have a more natural transforming experience, a full sit-stand desk can be a better choice. While, if you're going to keep the current desk and turn it into an adjustable standing desk, then the desktop sit-stand converter may be a good option.


Regards to the adjustment mechanism of sit-stand desks, there are electric, hand crank, and pneumatic ones. Hand crank adjustment allows you to adjust the desk height by turning a crank manually. It takes about 35 turns to fit a guy of height 175 cm (about 5.74 ft) from seated to standing. So, it is a little complicated than the electric and pneumatic ones, and you had to remember how many times you turn to get the perfect height each time. Electric sit-stand desks are the most popular choice among them, with just a touch of a button, you can change the height easily. Also, it usually features a memory controller, which allows to preset and save your desired height. Of course, the electric and pneumatic sit-stand desks generally cost a little bit more than the hand crank one. Therefore, if you want to save some money and still want to get the sit-stand desk feature, the manual adjustment is a good option for you.


Besides, the weight capacity of the desk is another important factor that we should take into consideration. As a professional supplier and manufacturer of ergonomic office furniture, TecnoTools provides our customers a full line of sit stand desk, weight capacity of which range from 50kg (110lbs) to 250kg (550lbs), all for meeting your customized needs.

sit-stand desk

To get the ultimate experience of a sit-stand desk, we recommend adding the following accessories to your workstation.


  • Monitor arm – gives you a range of vertical, horizontal, and rotational adjustment to flexibly change the heights and angles of the monitor to the perfect eye-level viewing position whether you are sitting, standing or leaning. It makes a great pairing with a sit-stand desk, which helps relieve eye strain and improves comfort.
  • Keyboard tray – is often overlooked ergonomic office workstation accessory. It helps adjust and tilt the keyboard to improve wrist comfort while typing; in the meanwhile, it enlarges the work surface.
  • Footrest or standing mat – same as prolonged sitting, standing for an extended period is no good, either. Moreover, the hard surface where you stand fatigues your feet, so, you might also need an anti-fatigue footrest or standing mat.
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