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What is an electrical winch used for?

Powered by electricity, an electrical winch (also called electric hoist)  is a device used to lift heavy loads, pull vehicles and trailers. It has a drum connected to a wire that spools on and off the drum.   

Electrical winches operate with a motor to coil the wire on and off the drum. They are usually very capable and able to lift or pull significant weight. The maximum capacity depends on the model, but usually it starts from 300kg going all the way to 1,000kg or even heavier loads.

Due to the heavy loads handling, a good electrical winch must operate smoothly, has a strong metal wire and safety stop in case the lifting does not go according to plan. Under no circumstance the winch can drop the load, and the device should prevent human error to do so.

Are all electrical winches powered the same way?

The answer is no! Even though they will be operated by electricity, the power supply can be either DC or AC depending on application. Winches designed to be installed in warehouses and depots are usually fixed on the selling. These are AC powered. On the other hand, electric winches designed to be installed on vehicles to pull cars, boats, or trailers; are DC powered, so a car battery can operate them.

Electric winch for vehicles

In 4WDs this winch is installed in the front of the car. If the vehicle is stuck in the mud or sand, the driver unwinds the cable, hooks it up to a tree, wall or fence and turns the winch so the drum slowly spins around, coiling the wire back onto the drum. A winch is a very important recovery tool to campers and drivers who adventure in remote locations, where it is unlikely to find or fellow drivers to help. 

TecnoTools offer its customers 2,000kg rated electric winch for cars, trailers, boats and campers vans. The winch is powered by a 12VDC battery and it has a 2HP motor. It features a heavy duty housing that is waterproof and dustproof. So it is suitable for outdoor use. It also comes with a 15m long steel cable.

Other important features are the 3 stage gear system, so it allows variable speeds when recovering your vehicle. The winch is also equipped with an automatic brake system, protecting the device from excessive use and overweight loads. 

Electric winch for warehouses & workshops

When an electrical winch is used purely to lift loads in a vertical position, it is also called an electrical hoist. It is a crucial device to businesses that need to load and unload heavy items on a regular basis, as it is just not possible to keep using manual labor for this type of task. 

The hoist, or winch, is bolted up on the ceiling, or on a beam, to make it possible to move the load once it has been lifted. The quality and features of the hoist will depend upon the brand and model you choose. Here at TecnoTools, we sell Giantz hoists. All the models we sell have important features such as emergency stop switch and overload protection.

What winch or hoist is the right one for you

That will depend upon the application. Overall winches or hoists are very simple and straightforward devices. The most important information you need to know is the maximum weight of the load you want to lift, the height you need to lift them and if the warehouse, garage or workshop is suitable to have a hoist installed.

If you are looking for a winch for 4WD, make sure the device is built for outdoor use and has variable speed motor and safety stop. Obviously, the winch must be rated for the weight of your car, plus a considerable buffer, as pulling the vehicle that is stuck in the mud requires more torque and power.

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