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What is a water pump and how does it works?

What is a water pump and how does it works?

A water pump is a device that can move, or transfer fluids. For the purpose of this article, water. There are different types of pumps, such as centrifugal, gear, jet, gravity, impulse, etc. Pumps are widely used across many different industries. They are also used in ordinary households, especially in rural areas.

Water pumps can be used to drain flooded areas, fill a swimming pool, or a pond. They also can be used for filling up toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, kitchen taps, showers, irrigation systems or watering your garden.

It is safe to say that, where there is pressurized water, there is a pump. So you can imagine, there is a pump everywhere!   

High Pressure Vs Standard Water Pumps

Pump can deliver standard pressure, or high pressure. In residential applications, a high pressure water pump is normally used if it needs to have a significant high water head to perform properly. 

A high pressure pump is common in applications where the water is needed to perform a task. Usual applications are cleaning and pressure washing. A significant high pressure is necessary, so those tasks can be carried out properly. If the pump is used commercially, irrigation  and water distribution are typical examples where high pressure pumps are needed.


When do you need a pump in your household?

Most households are serviced by the water network provider, with the main pipeline being connected to the water intake of the house. Usually, there is enough pressure to comfortably use the water on showers and taps. In that case, a pump is not necessary. However, if you have a rainwater tank and want to use the water collected in a few taps, or toilets, you need a pump to transfer the water from the tank. 

On the other hand, water pumps can also be used to reduce the level of water in case of flooding, or even to empty a pond or a swimming pool. There are many different types of pumps, but the main ones are centrifugal and positive displacement pumps.

Centrifugal pumps will transfer water that is already inside the pump (so the pump must be placed at the lowest point) by pressurizing the flow by using an impeller. This pump is used when you need a high flow rate.

Positive displacement pumps are commonly used in industrial applications, where there are solids and high viscosity fluids in the line. It can deliver a steady flow by using a mechanical contraction and expansion of a diaphragm. This type of pump is more complex and can be used in applications that need a variation of low flow and high flow. This is not your normal residential type of pump.

Automatic Electronic Water Pump Controller

If you are in the market for a residential water pump, you must have an electronic pump controller as well. Without this device the pump cannot perform correctly and will not last long. A water pump controller is a device that detects pressure and flow, and it is able to turn the pump on and off depending on the information in the line (pipe). For instance, if the pressure in the line is high, it means the tap is closed, so the pump should be turned off. However, if you turn on the tap, the pressure in the line will be low and you need water coming out of the tap, so the controller turns the pump on. Most of the water pumps sold by TecnoTools come with electronic controllers anyway, but if you have an old pump, the controllers can also be purchased separately.

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