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What Is a CPU Holder? Should You Use One?

What Is a CPU Holder? Should You Use One?

CPU Holders are a very useful tool to keep the workplace organized. They free valuable space over the desk, take care of ungly and messy cables that come off the CPU, provide easy access to your computer (front and back) facilitating cleaning and PC management, as well as easy access to CD/DVD player, USB ports and etc. It is an often overlooked product, but once you start using it, you will quickly see its advantages.

This article will highlight the main features and benefits of this product, and I hope it helps you find the best CPU holder for your needs.

What is a CPU holder?

It is a bracket that can be mounted under your desk. The idea is to keep the CPU attached to the table top, but instead of being on the top of it, it will be screwed underneath it. It will save you space on your desktop and also under your desk, as you will be able to move your legs freely without kicking the CPU.

Bear in mind that cheap CPU holders do not offer many benefits as good quality ones. The low cost version of it only attaches the CPU under the desk, or mounted on the wall, and that is it. Keep reading this article if you wish to know what good CPU holders can offer.

Adjustable CPU Holder Under Desk

CPUs are not always the same, They vary in size and weight, but always have the same shape. So it is important to get a holder that adapts to the size of your CPU. The CPU holder should feature a variable width and height mechanism.  


360º swivel & CPU flexibility

There is nothing more irritating than having to crawl under your desk to plug or unplug cables. If you are using the right CPU holder, you do not need to worry about it again. Good holders will swivel 360 degrees. They also can be pulled backwards in case your CPU has ports on its sides that you need access to. 


CPUs are not light, they are heavy and bulky items and their holders must be the same. The quality of the pre-drilled holes that will be used to attach the holder under the desk is particularly important, as those holes combined with the screws will ensure the long working life of the CPU holder. 


CPU holders are a great tool to have in the office. Inexpensive and yet very useful. It will improve your workspace and keep your desk nice and tidy. If you would like to know more, I suggest you read the article: What you Should Know Before Buying The Right CPU Holder.

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