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Ute Tool Boxes - What Are They?

Ute toolboxes are essential for any outdoor enthusiast who uses his or her car to get out and about. Regardless if you use your UTE to work on weekdays, or camping on the weekend. UTE tool boxes are great for storing tools, equipment, and other items that you need to stay protected from weather conditions when they are in your car. Let’s have a look at different types of canopy tool boxes in the Australia market today.

What are they called?

UTE tool box is a generic term of a tool box that is installed in your car. If it is installed on the back of the UTE it is called a canopy tool box or UTE tray tool box. UTE under tray tool boxes are those installed under the tray, and above the rear wheels. As you can tell the names may vary. Just keep in mind there are different terms to describe this product.

Standard Ute Tool Box

Because these tool boxes are exposed to weather conditions, aluminum is a very popular material, as it is weather resistant. The basic form of a UTE tool box is a rectangle or square shape with one, or maybe to compartiment inside. The box is permanently installed on the tray of the UTE. They have multiple applications for tradies, campers or anyone who needs to transport tools in his or her car.

Deluxe Ute Tool Box

If you're looking for something more elaborate, then you might consider getting a deluxe UTE toolbox. All good quality tool boxes will be robust and sturdy, because they just need to be. The difference in the deluxe or premium version of this product is the internal space available. They usually have three or more compartments, and can also come with drawers, adjustable shelves, and premium quality fittings. 

Heavy Duty Ute Tool Box

The heavy duty version is the one designed for industrial applications. The UTE will normally be used in construction or mining sites around Australia. In these applications the first priority is durability. Heavy duty tool boxes are made to last.  Hardened steel plates and anti-jemmy features are ideal as they make the box very hard, if not impossible to break.

Other common features are marine grade aluminum as material of construction, reinforced door and floor, heavy duty stainless steel T bar locks and fully welded seams.

Custom Made UTE Tool Box

If you have a specific tool or equipment to be moved around in your UTE, or if you want a tool box to fit perfectly in your car and there is nothing in the market. You have the option to customize your own tool box to be fitted in your UTE. Be prepared to pay a premium price for it. But depending on the application it might be worth it.  

Why Buying From TecnoTools

TecnoTools is an Australian supplier of specialized tools, storage solutions and cooperative technology. We do not offer customized tool boxes, but we have a comprehensive range of off the shelf UTE tool boxes to suit most vehicles. We keep stock in most capital cities and offer click and collect in selected products.

Our UTE toolboxes come with a 12 month warranty for an ezra piece of mind. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service team if you would like to know more about our company or our products. We are here to help.

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