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Understanding VoIP Accessories

Understanding VoIP Accessories

VoIP technology is here to stay. Its benefits and relatively low cost make the telecommunication system very popular among businesses and households throughout Australia. VoIP is not only about fast internet connection and fancy deskphones. There are many accessories that enhance the usage of VoIP phone systems. It is our intention to go through the main VoIP accessories available in the market, show what they do and how you can benefit using them.


This is, by far, the most common VoIP accessory. VoIP Headsets are particularly very popular among professionals that spend hours on the phone. It is a reasonably simple accessory, but do not get fooled by cheap and unbranded items in the market, even though they can work, it is the quality of the headset that makes it usable for long hours. Afterall you cannot wear an uncomfortable headset over an extended period of time. You will end up not using it at all if it is a low quality item.

Other important features to look at is noise cancelling, as it clears the environment noise and provides an easy conversation. You also have on-ear, or over ear devices. Over ear covers the whole ear and tend to be more comfortable, therefore suitable to be used over a longer period of time. 

Yealink UH33 is a popular wired headset in the market. It provides a rich and clear conversation  and is suitable for long usage on a daily basis. It is equipped with frequently-used functions, such as accepting or rejecting incoming calls, adjusting volume and mute the microphone.

Wireless VoIP headsets provide an extra feature: freedom to roam around the office! Good brands offer wireless headsets with a range up to 120m, and the battery may last for days even for heavy use, and last one hour charging time.

Yealink WH66 is a good representation of wireless VoIP headset. It features a touch screen of base that works as an extension of the VoIP phone function, in which you can manage the calls, and even charge mobile phones wirelessly. It can also be used as a speakerphone. It can also work seamlessly with Zoom, Microsoft Team, and Skype. All this with a great level of comfort. This is definitely the type of VoIP headset you can use for hours without realising you are wearing it.

Wireless Headset Adaptors

Often there are situations where the VoIP system is set up and after some time, the user wants to start using headsets. If it happens, you do not need to buy the exact same brand. A wireless headset adaptor is a device that allows the user to connect different brands of VoIP phones and wireless headsets. It is not a generic, unbranded product that there is a chance of not working. There are branded adaptors in the market that are certified to work with major VoIP brands in the world. It means a complete interface between the phone and headset, including the ability to answer and hang-up calls remotely.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adaptors

Wi-Fi USB Dongle is a tiny device to be used in businesses and households that allow  seamless connection between  VoIP phones to available wireless networks. They are extremely easy to use devices, often plug and play and are ideal for small office networking solutions, looking for  affordable, convenient and reliable high-speed wireless connectivity.

Bluetooth USB dongles add Bluetooth connectivity to your VoIP Phone with a wide variety of Bluetooth Headsets. It is a good alternative for entry level VoIP phones that do not have wireless capabilities.

Analogue Telephone Adaptors

One of main features of VoIP systems is flexibility and adaptability. Well, you do not even need a VoIP phone to use VoIP. You can use an ATA (analogue telephone adaptor) to connect your regular analogue phone to the VoIP system.

ATAs are a good option for a smooth transition from the existing analogue telecom system into digital ones. It is ideal for businesses that do not want to invest in a new complete system straight away. ATA can be used as a temporary or permanent solution, depending on the user’s preference and budget.

Video Conference Equipment

In today’s world the ability of communication between multiple people that are not physically located in the same location is crucial. Phone and video conferences have never been more common and accessible, with a large number of people working from home due to the high health risk imposed by COVID-19. 

Years ago, video conferences were possible, but the cost of good and reliable equipment was high, making the technology accessible to large companies only, or at least companies that absolutely needed it. Now the conference gear is better and more accessible as the price of it has decreased. High speed internet services also played an important role, making the connection faster and more reliable.

To take part in a telephone or a video conference, all you need is a mobile phone and a good internet reception. However, there are many video conference equipment in the market today to improve the experience. Here are just a few: 

Speakerphones are a combination of loudspeaker and microphone, where multiple people can gather around it. It eliminates the need for each person to have their own phone if there are two or more people in the same location.  

Conference phones connect different devices to the conference call. These types of phones can hook up PCs, mobiles phones, soft phones and VoIP phones; so regardless of what device you  use, the conference is still possible. It works as a hub that hosts the conference call and makes it possible. The connection between different types of devices and brands is really powerful and makes a conference call as easy as it can be.

Webcams! Well, you cannot have a video conference if you do not have a camera. However, today a webcam is much more than just a camera. Good brands will offer features like: built-in microphone, compatibility with zoom, Ms Teams, Skype and all major platforms, automatic focus adjustment, etc. Grandstream GUV3100 webcam is an example of a good device. It has  one  meter voice pickup range microphone, adjustable video settings, 1080p Full HD video and many more features.

Buying VoIP Accessories

TecnoTools offers a comprehensive range of VoIP accessories to businesses and households. We offer 12-month warranty to all our products and fast delivery Australia wide. If in doubt, not not hesitate to contact our customer service. We are here to help.

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