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TV Safety and Tip-Over Preventions

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Ever since COVID-19 struck and we were forced to social distance in our Sydney homes, a LOT more TV watching has been done, and it seems to be a trend that has stuck!

So, while so many people are inside watching their favourite shows (particularly younger kids), we thought it’d be the perfect time discuss and raise awareness for TV safety, which is often easy to overlook as a part of home safety and toddler proofing.

According to the Safe Kids Worldwide, 10 children visit the ER each day as a result of a TV tip-over. Additionally, 7 out of 10 kids injured by TV tip-overs are aged 5 and under! In response to these concerning statistics, the Safe Kids Worldwide has dedicated February 2nd (which is conveniently the day before the Super Bowl) as National TV Safety Day! This was done to raise necessary awareness for these types of injuries and prevent similar accidents happening to young families.

Protecting your children from the potential risks of a TV tipping over is essential!

Take A Look At The Following Tips To Master TV Safety For Your Family:

1.    Ensure TV Is Secure With TV Mounts And Brackets

Flat-panel TVs are often quite large and very easy to tip over when placed incorrectly, especially when young kids love to run a muck and climb to touch it, hence why we stress the importance of TV mounts and brackets to secure stability and security. As well as improving security, most of the TV mounts actually feature cable management! This makes the cords and wires much more organised to prevent trips and falls. Remember to know the weight capacity and VESA compatibility of the TV mount, to make sure it’s the right fit for your television.

2.    Place TV on TV Stands

Did you know a typical 36 inch TV falling 3 feet has the same impact as a 1-year-old falling 10 stories!? If you have a box-style TV which can’t be mounted on a wall, it’s vital to use an anti-tip bracket or place the TV on a low and stable stand appropriate for your TV’s dimensions and weight. Want another handy tip? Keep the TV as far back as possible so your children can’t reach it!

3.    More Tips

It’s not the smartest idea to place items that children love like lollies, cookies or toys on or near the TV stand, so the temptation of climbing up to reach them isn’t there. Also, consider storing heavier items on the bottom shelves or in the lower drawers to keep the TV stand as stable as possible. One more useful tip is avoid hanging rope-like ornaments like Christmas lights around the TV, because the kids may pull on them which can lead to serious accidents



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