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Toolbox trolley, What Is The Difference Between Them?

Toolbox trolley, What Is The Difference Between Them?

The term toolbox trolley is no doubt quite popular in Australia, but not many people know the different types of toolbox trolleys in the market today. This product is a combination of trolley and tool box and can come in different shapes, sizes and forms. Here at TecnoTools we have different models of toolbox trolleys. In this article, we are going to describe the difference between them.

Tool Cart

It is a combination between storage and cart. While it can store a limited number of tools and equipment, it has been primarily designed to move heavy items in short distances within the garage or warehouse. It is very common in workshops where heavy parts need to be brought closer to a vehicle that is being repaired or serviced. It is a simple product and the main features are:

  • Smooth and sturdy castors (or wheels). Preferably they will allow 360 degree spin for an easy and effort free movement of the tool cart.  
  • Rust resistant and heavy duty material of construction
  • Decent load capacity. If the item you need to move was light in weight, you would not need a tool cart, so a good one must be able to hold a decent weight. 150kg is a reasonable rating for this trolley. 


Tool Box Storage Trolley

Just like the tool cart, this product is a combination of storage and trolley. However, the ultimate goal of this item is more storage and less trolley. Even though it comes with wheels or castors, its movement is very limited. It has very good storage capabilities though. 

Good tool boxes storage trolleys have lockable drawers, they should come in different sizes to be able to store different types of tools and equipment. Other important features are:

  • A decent number of drawers
  • All drawers should be lockable by using a key or numerical combination
  • Brake castors for extra security, after all it will be carrying heavy and bulky items
  • Handles for easy handling

Tool Box Trolley Case

This product is the ultimate combination between storage and trolley. It has a large storage capacity and it is extremely portable at the same time, but there is a catch. It is not designed to hold large and bulky items. It is expected to hold smaller tools like screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, drill bits, etc.

The product comes in a suitcase shape and has a retractable handle for easy pulling. Other important features are:

  • Removable case inserts
  • Heavy duty aluminum trolley case
  • Dual lock and key latches with two keys
  • Roller wheels for ease of transportation



Here at TecnoTools, it is not only about storing large and bulky tools and equipment. We also have small parts storage products, such as wall mounted bins. TecnoTools is one stop shop for warehouse and garage storage solutions

If you need more information about any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us by email, online chatting or phone. We are here to help. TecnoTools keeps stock in all major capital cities in Australia, it allows us to offer fast and affordable delivery country wide. For an extra piece of mind, we offer 12-month-warranty in all our products.

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